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🙂 LinkedIn Comprehensive Guide Accredited short courses online 🥇

Accredited short courses online

Accredited short courses online : This LinkedIn directory was created to help Arab readers understand the LinkedIn platform, learn how to improve personal accounts, deal with this platform, and search for new jobs and opportunities.

🤓  What is LinkedIn Accredited short courses online? ✅

17 steps to improve your LinkedIn account

LinkedIn Jobs Accredited short courses online

What is LinkedIn Premium?


What is linkedin?

If you are wondering what is LinkedIn, or what is a LinkedIn site? The answer is simply:

LinkedIn is a professional social networking site specializing in the world of business and employment. Yes, it is a social media platform, just like Facebook or Twitter, but it is specialized in communication in the career and professional framework.

The idea of Linkedin is to serve as a professional and professional interface for the person as an electronic CV, as the person adds information about his studies, certificates and the experiences he has acquired, and it also allows you to add a personal picture, contact information, research papers, hobbies … etc.

linkedin-learning-linkedin-learning Accredited short courses online

Linkedin allows you to get many electronic lessons and courses for all disciplines through the Learning feature, in addition to tests to assess the extent of your knowledge in a specific field.

Like other social networking sites, LinkedIn allows companies to publish funded ads on the platform, but it is not widespread due to its high cost.

Your LinkedIn account

Perhaps the most important feature of LinkedIn’s advantages is the ability of companies, human resource managers, and recruiting officers, to communicate with you directly in case there is a suitable job opportunity for you, but the question is how?

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In this section, I will explain the steps of how to work on improving and strengthening your personal page on LinkedIn in order to become attractive and attractive to visitors, recruiters and human resources, and to get more jobs on LinkedIn.

* The explanation steps will be on the LinkedIn website by using the browser on the laptop and not the mobile application, so those who use the application will find some differences in the shape and settings from the website on the laptop, but the path is similar.

⭐ Steps to strengthen your LinkedIn account Accredited short courses online : 🤑

1. Account url address

The name and address of the link of your linked account to measure your attention to the smallest details, many of us do not pay attention to the link of the account on the LinkedIn URL, the first step to improving the appearance of your page in the search engines on LinkedIn is to start by changing your account link, which should consist only of your name and surname , Without the letters and side numbers that LinkedIn puts automatically once you create an account on LinkedIn.

The address of the account link on LinkedIn

💥  To Accredited short courses online modify this, do the following: 🔥

Change the name of the account link on LinkedIn

Go to your LinkedIn account page and click on (Edit public profile & URL) in the upper right corner (for English language users)

Edit the name of the linked account link

Now edit the link, put your name and last name only, and delete all symbols and numbers that were previously there.

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2. LinkedIn cover photo

The background image is a beautiful feature in LinkedIn, so that with a simple design and simple words, you can provide an idea and a complete summary about you in general, your skills, the field in which you excel, and even your professional certificates.

* You can use Canva Canva to create a simple and elegant design.

LinkedIn cover photo

  🔥  It should be noted Accredited short courses online : 💥 ⌚

You cannot change the background image from the LinkedIn application on the mobile, but only from the LinkedIn website through the browser on a laptop or desktop (desktop).

Measurements on the mobile app and desktop or laptop devices vary, so be sure to choose the exact distance and location of the words.

You can find out the measurements of a LinkedIn page’s cover, measurements of a profile picture, and measurements Accredited short courses online of the rest of the photos through this guide on social media image measurements .