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🙂 5 Basic Tips to increase your Landing Accredited short courses online Page conversions 🥇

Accredited short courses online

Accredited short courses online  : The visitors of a landing page have a goal in mind. They may want to buy a product / service or even find some information. In the event that this landing page does not meet their expectations and needs it is natural for them to leave this page immediately without any hope of conversion. So let’s see some tips and suggestions that will help you increase the conversions of your landing page.

🤓  What is a Accredited short courses online  Landing Page? ✅

The landing page, or landing page, is a page to which the user is directed after clicking on a link / banner of your website or external website. An example of an external website is google organic or paid results.

🔥 Accredited short courses online  Photos, forms, contact information etc. 🤑

Photos : Add “catchy” good quality photos that are directly related to the content of your landing page.

Forms: Use an information collection form in order to use them in future marketing activities. Here it is important to clarify why you are requesting this information.

Contact information:  Do not forget to mention phone, email or other contact information that visitors will need to contact you.

Also:  Highlight offers, proof of success, customer reviews and other elements that will make the content of your landing page more appealing.

✨   landing page Accredited short courses online 💥

Example Landing Page

Tip 2: Use Call-to-Action

The cta buttons are required to request the completion of an action from the landing page visitor. The CTA button should be the most distinctive feature on your landing page. Make the cta button of your page visible using colors that contrast with the rest of the content. Also, do not forget to add in the button words or phrases of small length that ask for the call for action from the visitor.

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🔥  Examples of call to action buttons  Accredited short courses online  3 Tip: The 5 ”rule 😂

The average user understands within the first 5 ”if a landing page serves his needs and expectations. For this reason, try your landing page to load very quickly, to be comprehensive, interesting and to quickly pass the message you want to its visitor.

4 Tip: A / B Testing

A / B testing is an integral part of optimization and is one of the most important actions you need to do to improve and then increase the conversions of your landing page. Do not hesitate to change the structure, the order of the information as well as try other photos, colors and call-to-action buttons. During the A / B test, make partial and gradual changes / tests in order to identify more easily and more accurately the changes that lead to increased conversions.

a / b Testing

🔥  Tip 5: Source of getting visitors Accredited short courses online 🔥

It is important to understand where the visitors of your landing page come from. Do they come from an external website or from an internal page of your website? You can find this information with the help of google analytics . When you find out where the visitors of your landing page come from, you will be able to understand if the information you provide them is what they want.

If for example you understand that a user comes from the google search engine and with a specific keyword “domain purchase” then this user expects to visit a landing page related to the word domain   and much more to the action, ie ” Buy”. So the landing page should provide the ability to purchase the product that the user searched for otherwise it will give up without completing the action we would like.

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Conclusion: Start gradually applying some of the above suggestions while doing a / b testing to understand how visitors use your landing page and whether these changes benefit conversions. Remember there is always a percentage of visitors waiting to be “converted” and it is up to you to earn that percentage.