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🥇 Do you have a .EU site? Register for the .EU Web Awards 2022 Accredited short courses online ✨

Accredited short courses online

Accredited short courses online : If you have a site with .EU domain (eg, you like contests and prizes, then take part in the .EU Web Awards 2022!

The .EU Web Awards is the annual competition of EURID (the register of .EU domains ) organized since 2014 in order to distinguish and reward the best websites ending in .EU, in 5 different categories.

✅   The 5 categories of participation in the .EU Web Awards 2022 Accredited short courses online 🙂

The Leaders : Websites & eshops of national companies with more than 10 employees.

The Rising Stars : Start ups (up to 3 years of operation) with a staff of 1 to 10 employees.

The Laurels : Sites of institutions with topics such as education, charity, promotion of European ideal etc.

The HOUSE of .eu : Sites and blogs belonging to the media, entertainment, media etc.

The Better World : Sites on ecology and the environment.

The process

Go to the official site of the .EU Web Awards 2022 , study carefully the terms and categories that participate and register until August 1, 2022 . The organizers will then contact you to confirm your details and publish your site on the nominations, where it can be voted online by the public.

The 3 candidates with the most votes from each category, will be published on September 3, 2022 on, and

If you finally manage to be among the top 3, you will be sent an official invitation by EURid to attend the .EU Web Awards Gala that will take place on November 20, 2022 where all 5 big winners will be announced .

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🤓  The 5 winners will receive the following prizes Accredited short courses online : 🤑

At least 1 month of advertising at Brussels Airport .

A promotional video for your site.

3 different digital icons to use online.

Souvenir award with your name and website.

Read more about the evaluation criteria and the conditions of participation here

Register today , because the earlier you apply, the more likely you are to get more votes.

* If you do not yet have an .EU domain for your site to apply for the competition, take advantage of our offer and register one . EU with only € 2.90 !

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The answer is YES! We searched a lot and found the best free marketing tools for you! Fortunately, there are many amazing companies that offer high value solutions, completely free or for a small fee (we also found their paid alternatives).

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1. Traffic & Performance Statistics: Google Analytics

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics is the most popular free tool for statistical and web data. It can give you from simple statistics such as the daily number of visitors to your site to more complex , such as the path followed by a user within your site before buying a product.

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💥  Other free solutions Accredited short courses online : 💥

GoSquared (Free for the first 100 visitors / day and 1,000 feeds)


Chartbeat (Ideal for news sites, portals and blogs)

Matomo (With $ 19 / month you can watch up to 5 websites and count up to 50,000 page views)