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🔥 Chap Secure Login Accredited short courses online 💥

Accredited short courses online

Accredited short courses online : Encrypts your admin password when you sign in to http: // without using an SSL security certificate (https: //).

Stealth Login

This plugin allows you to create personal admin links for login and logout (login and logout). The default is to log in from but with this plugin you will be able to replace wp-admin with any word you want and only you will know your login page .

WordPress Antivirus

AntiVirus for WordPress monitors for malicious code injections and alerts you to malicious attacks, preventing you from sending and posting spam. Very important additive.

WP Security Scan

This add-on checks the required ftp permissions and htaccess permissions so that if something goes wrong you can fix it and uninstall the add-on after checking.


Finally, you should keep a daily backup of your WordPress database and a weekly backup of your entire folder so that if something goes wrong you can restore it. You can use WP Database backup for this purpose. Oh, I forgot if you have web hosting at dnHost, you do not need to bother! We have the best managed backup there is!

😂  Speed! What is Accredited short courses online Caching? ✨


Every time you visit this blog or any other php site, for example in our case WordPress, WP will do a process to compose and create everything you see on this page at the time you request it. It will process the PHP code, which will make many calls to the site database and will eventually export and serve you the necessary HTML that your browser will display. In some blogs this happens from 20 to 200 times per page!

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If you enable caching on your web hosting server, then only the 1st visitor will go through this process since the caching mechanism will save the data and will serve each subsequent visitor request to the final result seen by the 1st visitor. This will significantly speed up WordPress!

WP Super Cache :WP Super Cache is a very popular plugin once based on WP-Cache and highly recommended in various WordPress communities.

WP Widget Cache : WP Widget Cache is a plugin that will serve blogs with many or heavy widgets. The script writer recommends running it with WP-Cache or Super Cache.

⌚ DB Accredited short courses online Cache :  🔥

DB Cache, instead of creating and saving pages, does the same with database queries.

DB Cache Reloaded :DB Cache Reloaded is similar to DB Cache and is essentially a copy of it, as its author believed that DB Cache was not updated often enough.

Hyper Cache : HyperCache is a new caching plugin aimed at everyday blogs or those hosted on low cost shared hosting servers.

W3 Total Cache : TotalCache is the “mother” of all caching plugins. It is huge, very well recorded and contains an impressive amount of settings for better performance.

There are also Really Static and Quick Cache . See here the relevant benchmark of the above.

⌚ Combining Plugins Accredited short courses online ⌚

You can combine the mentioned add-ons, eg Hyper Cache with DB Cache Reloaded. But some combinations can greatly reduce performance like WP Super Cache with Anything Else ..

What not to Cach-like Accredited short courses online!

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Ads, feeds or any other dynamic content is obtained through php or a server side system. If you have content that needs to be changed by each visitor, then you should avoid caching this page or content. Google Ads or BuySellAds are served via javascript and caching will not affect them.