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🥇 7-motion WordPress Speed ​​Upgrade (Updated 2022) Online English courses with certificate 🙂

Online English courses with certificate

Online English courses with certificate : Do you want to reduce the loading speed of your wordpress site and make it faster? We have prepared a series of tips and instructions for you to achieve this with 7 moves.

Improve WordPress speed in 7 steps Online English courses with certificate

Before you start the optimizations, make sure that your wordpress is hosted by a reliable hosting provider and that you have selected the appropriate hosting package according to the needs of your site ( shared hosting , vps hosting or dedicated server ).

1) WordPress Caching

Caching undertakes to “save” the dynamic pages of wordpress as static, thus significantly reducing the response time of the server and making their loading process faster.

🤓 To get started, install one of the following  Caching plugins Online English courses with certificate . ✅

WP Rocket :  is one of the best caching solutions in WordPress and the only plugin from the list that is paid. It is extremely user friendly and can work properly immediately after activation.

W3 Total Cache : allows many settings & more control over caching, but requires a lot of technical knowledge to catch the maximum performance.

WP Super Cache : with over 2 million installs and frequent upgrades it is the most popular, friendliest & easiest to use caching plugin.

Fastest Cache : according to its developers, the WP Fastest Cache plugin is “the simplest and fastest wordpress cahing system”. WP Fastest Cache prides itself on providing an easily accessible plugin that does not even need to modify the .htaccess configuration file. The plugin uses mod_rewrite to create static HTML files in your wordpress.

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Hyper Cache : is simpler to use than the above, possibly with fewer functions.

* If you are hosting your wordpress site in a DNHOST hosting package, then install the LiteSpeed ​​Cache plugin  which also supports woocommerce to speed up your eshop even more.

In our previous article you can read how to achieve faster wordpress hosting with litespeed Online English courses with certificate .

🔥 See the installation and usage guide of the litespeed plugin  here Online English courses with certificate . 🤑

2) Compress images and files

You can reduce the size of the images  you have uploaded (or will upload in the future) to your wordpress in one of the following ways.

Compress images via plugin:

WP-Smushit : with over 1 million installations, it is the most popular image compression plugin.

Compress jpeg & png images : reduces image size by up to 60%. : is lightweight and compresses jpg, png & gif images up to 5mb completely free.

💥 Online image compression Online English courses with certificate: ✨ : compress your images online up to 65% without losing quality. : resize, resize and add effects.  : reduce the size of your images by up to 80%.

Other solutions:

Host your images in a subdomain

As a website loads, multiple requests leave the browsers (IE, Firefox, Opera, Mozilla, Chrome, etc.) to the domain and request service from the server. One request may be the download of images, another the download of css files and not all of the following. When it comes to requests to the same domain the browsers can not serve more than 3 at the same time, while when it comes to requests to external domains, external or internal subdomains the browsers can serve many and at the same time. So if you have your images under a subdomain of the type, you will reduce their loading time since the request will be served immediately. Read more in the articles that you will find  here and here .

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