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🙂  How does a site with an SSL Certificate stand out Online English courses with certificate 🥇

Online English courses with certificate

Online English courses with certificate : The URL starts with https : //, instead of gia http: // The Padlock that appears in the address bar Security Signs & Seals within the website. Especially for EV SSL  (Extended Validation SSL) the address bar in the browser becomes  Green and displays the Name of the site owner.

🤓 How does SSL protect a website Online English courses with certificate? ✅

In order for a website to start providing security to visitors and the data it hosts via SSL, its administrator must install an SSL Certificate in its domain . This is done by purchasing an SSL and activating it through the web hosting package of its website. Immediately after all the data and transactions on the website are encrypted and are now secure.

What types of SSL Certificates are there?

🔥 Depending on the number / Online English courses with certificate  type of domains covered by an SSL: 🤑

Common SSL (standard): to cover one (1) domain

Wildcard SSL  (wildcard SSL): for all subdomains of a domain, eg:, etc

UC / SAN SSL : for protection of multiple domains with a single SSL

Depending on the degree of authentication  provided by each SSL:

Domain Validation SSL  : Validates the identity of the Domain Name Holder.

Organization Validation SSL  : Validates the Domain Name Holder and company details.

Extended Validation SSL  : Validates the ownership of the domain, the registered office and the physical / legal operation of the company and that the organization itself requested the issuance of SSL.

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✨ Depending Online English courses with certificate  on the company that issues it: 💥

Symantec SSL Certificates : It is the No.1 recognized and trusted SSL issuing company.

Comodo SSL Certificates : It belongs to the elite of SSL certificates with quite good prices and services of high standards.

GeoTrust SSL Certificates  : With more than 100,000 customers in 150 countries, focusing on businesses & organizations of all sizes, with  affordable costs  and  Greek speaking staff

Thawte SSL Certificates  : It is the perfect solution to protect your site with multilingual support (also in Greek!) And the internationally recognized Thawte Trusted Site

To make it easier to find more SSL certificate is more suitable for your website, we created the SSL selection assistant

🔥 ⌚ What is encryption Online English courses with certificate?  ⭐

Encryption is a technique to enhance the security of a message or file, where the contents are mixed and / or replaced with others, so that only the one with the appropriate decryption key can read them.

So buy an SSL Certificate at the lowest market prices with personalized help from an SSL specialist.