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🥇 PHP 7 in our Web Hosting packages Online English courses with certificate 🙂

Online English courses with certificate

Online English courses with certificate  : We are pleased to announce -first in Greece- the immediate availability of PHP 7 in  our Web Hosting packages.

🤓 And the name of this PHP 7, instead of PHP 6! Online English courses with certificate ✅

The current firmware version of PHP is PHP 5.6. After some disagreements  , the code writing team decided to skip the PHP 6 name (which already existed as a parallel pilot project, which was abandoned) and switch to PHP 7 to avoid any confusion with the unpublished version.

New Zend Engine

The current PHP 5.X series uses  Zend Engine II . PHP 7 has a brand new version of the machine that powers it and it is  PHPNG (Next Generation) .

🔥  Online English courses with certificate  PHPNG (Next Generation) 🤑

Double speed

The most important new feature of the PHPNG engine is the significant improvement of its performance, which provides up to twice the speed of code execution. This means even faster WordPress and Drupal websites (which already support PHP 7).

PHP7 double speed

New Space Ship and Null Coalescing operators

PHP 7 introduces two new operators, the  Spaceship operator  (<=>) which can be used for combined data comparisons, especially useful for sorting data .

PHP7 spaceship operator

and  Null Coalescing  (??) to check if something exists and if not found, to return a specified result.

PHP7 Null Coalescing Operator

Allows accurate Type Declarations

PHP 7 allows developers to improve the quality of their code by using  return type declarations  and introducing 4 new types of declarations for scalar types :  int, float, string and  bool , with which developers can better define the result they expect to be returned.

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The new scalar types will also be supported by  Type Hints  so developers can force the type of parameters into their code.

💥   PHP7 return type declarations Online English courses with certificate ✨

Facilitate Error handling

Dealing with fatal errors has never been easy for PHP developers. The new  Engine Exceptions allow fatal errors to be replaced with exceptions, so that the code does not stop running.

🔥  PHP 7 engine exceptions Online English courses with certificate 😂

Anonymous Classes

With PHP 7 you can use  anonymous classes , which is a common practice in C # and Java and, if used properly, can speed up php code writing and execution.

PHP7 anonymous classes

🔥  Clarification of Functions, APIS and Extensions Online English courses with certificate 🔥

It was deemed necessary to remove outdated features, APIs and extensions. Details can be found here and here .

Along with PHP 7 , in our web hosting packages we also have PHP 5.6  for customers who need the latest stable PHP version of the 5.x series.