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🥇 Why should your domain authorization Online English courses with certificate password be kept secret? 🙂

Online English courses with certificate

Online English courses with certificate : The Authorization Code of a domain name  ensures the identification of its Holder and allows its management. Learn why you should not give this code to anyone else.

The use of the authorization code is mandatory only for changing the registrar .

So if the technician / developer / web designer who manages your website asks you for the authorization code to change nameservers or to upload files to your site, then you have to be very cautious .

Better not , since you can easily change the nameservers yourself or by talking to your registrar.

By giving the authorization code to a third party, you give him full access to your domain!

Thus, he will be able to change his contact details, change the owner of the domain as well as change the registrar in your domain, without you ever being notified about it!

So to ensure that you will have the ownership and management of your domain, do not give anyone their authorization code !

🤓  The winner Online English courses with certificate of the  Web Awards 2021 ✅


Our customer won the award in the category ” The Laurels ” of the .EU Web Awards 2015 that took place yesterday in Brussels. Congratulations to the contributors of !

The .EU Web Awards 2015 took place yesterday, November 18, at the Museum of Natural History in Brussels and was presented by the Irish presenter Conor McNally, while, among others, the US Open champion Flavia Pennetta and the Scottish singer Susan Boyle were invited .

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The lucky winners of each category are:

Category “The LEADERS”:

Category ” The LAURELS “:

Category “The BETTER WORLD”:

Category “The HOUSE of .eu”:

Special awards were also given to: for the optimal use of web design to suit the needs and character of the different categories of audience for the best visual design for support on a major cause

🔥  The prize for the winners Online English courses with certificate: 🤑


The five winners won an advertising package in web serving Google AdWords worth € 5.000 , to be used for online advertising and promotion of their site and will be designed in close cooperation with EURid.

✨  The method of payment by credit card has changed! 💥

We are pleased to inform you that credit card payments to DNHOST are now made through the 3D Secure authentication protocol while participating in the new MasterCard ® SecureCode ™ and Verified by VISA services supported by all modern banks and cards.

The Services 3D Secure , MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by VISA intervention ho UV stronger security and protect against unauthorized use of credit card in online transactions through the use of Password. The Password is known only to the holder, so even if the card is stolen, it will not be usable!

Thus, in the process of a transaction in DNHOST services , it now requires the use of this Code to complete the payment.

Before you make your payment, we recommend that you disable any Antivirus feature that protects your online payments (eg Kaspersky Safe Money, ESET Banking & Payment protection, etc.).

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Step 1: Select ” Payment by card ” as the payment method .

Step 2: Select the type of your Card, enter its details and click on ” PAYMENT “.

Payment with 3D Secure, Step 3

Step 3: Enter your Username and Password to complete the transaction!

🔥  Payment with 3D Secure, Step 4 Online English courses with certificate 😂

ATTENTION: Wait for the transaction to be completed and do not CLOSE the window, do not Back or Refresh .