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🙂 4 Free WordPress CDNs Online English courses with certificate 🥇

Online English courses with certificate

Online English courses with certificate : Faster & safer WordPress with CDN. Free CDP for WordPress? What is it and how can it help my site? Good questions. Let’s see the answers in this detailed article!

🤓  What is a CDN (Content Delivery Network) Online English courses with certificate?  ✅

Simply put, Online English courses with certificate a CDN stands for Content Delivery Network and is a collection of servers scattered around the world that can efficiently and easily handle large volumes of traffic. Each one has a copy of your site static files, such as JavaScript, CSS, PDF and images.

This way your visitors from different parts of the world can access your website faster, because the geographical distance is reduced and the load / request to your hosting server is minimized.

When your site is not very popular, your server can serve your content without reaching the CPU / RAM / IO limits of your hosting package. But as traffic increases, pages will take longer to load, which is bad news when you are dealing with a high-profile audience in a short period of time.

Longer web page load times cost while shorter page load times save money, often a lot!

So let’s see how a free CDN for your WordPress site will help you keep your visitors more satisfied.

🤑  The best free CDN for WordPress sites Online English courses with certificate ⌚

1. Cloudflare

Man working from home on a WordPress site powered by Cloudflare’s free CDN

The Cloudflare is a popular free CDN service and website security with a vast global network. It has state-of-the-art CDN servers in more than 200 cities Online English courses with certificate in 90+ countries, making it one of the largest global CDN networks you will find.

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Cloudflare can also view all static content on your site through the free CDN service, such as images, CSS / JavaScript files, attachments, and more.

In addition to CDN, Cloudflare is also a reverse proxy and web security service. You simply change the DNS servers of your domain and then Cloudflare will handle the traffic to your site.

As part of the traffic guidance, it is able to filter out bad bots and malicious agents to protect your site. It can also provide a free SSL certificate to offer you this coveted enabled padlock in your browser’s URL bar.

2. Optimole

Improve WordPress loading speed with the free Optimole CDN for images

The Opimole is a comprehensive solution for optimizing images of your WordPress site and then accelerated delivery of these images via global CDN Amazon CloudFront (CDN service with 40 global locations) … free!

💥  Optimole is more than just a CDN, as it helps you to Online English courses with certificate:  🔥

Change and adjust the size of your images to the best possible resolution based on the size of each visitor’s device.

Compress your images with lossy or lossless compression.

Add watermarks to your pictures to avoid being stolen.

Convert your images to WebP format.

Load your images asynchronously (lazy load).

All you need to remember is that Optimole is just an image-only CDN, not a CDN for other static files on your site, such as CSS and JavaScript files.