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🙂 Set WordPress to open at the root of your domain Free certificate courses 🥇

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Free certificate courses  : If you have installed your WordPress not in the root of your domain but in the subfolder / WordPress then there is a way for your WordPress site or blog to open directly by typing your domain eg

✅ WordPress URL Settings Free certificate courses 🤓

WordPress is designed to have its files in a different folder from your site’s main folder. This means that you do not have to reinstall WordPress or make changes to its database.

🔥 The first step  Free certificate courses  is to change the site URL (Site address -URL) from Settings >> General to look like this: 🤑

After you save the change you may see errors on your site, but do not worry, we have it under control!


The second step is to copy (copy NOT move) the .HTACCESS file and INDEX.PHP from the / wordpress folder to the root of your hosting account. This can be done via FTP or File Manager in your Plesk panel.

✨ Change to INDEX.PHP file Free certificate courses 💥

Then you need to change the following code line in the INDEX.PHP file that you just copied to your domain root:

1          require(‘./wp-blog-header.php’);

you change it to:

1          require(‘./wordpress/wp-blog-header.php’);

Save your Permalinks

Finally, to make sure your HTACCESS is working properly with your WordPress settings, you will save the settings of your permalinks (Settings >> Permanent Links).

This simple way WordPress will open simply by entering your domain. You can learn more at  WordPress Codex .

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Note that if WordPress has been online for a long time you will need to integrate a 301 redirect into your HTACCESS.

😂  Magento Hosting. Hosting Magento e-shop Free certificate courses 🔥

Magento is the most modern and popular platform for e-Shop that exists, but it is quite heavy in its initial configuration and requires specially configured servers  for its hosting.

In this article we analyze how dnhost provides you with the Magento hosting you need for a fast and secure e-shop!