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🙂  Misleading notice for domain name renewal by DROA Free certificate courses  🥇

Free certificate courses

Free certificate courses  : Did you mail a letter entitled “Domain Name Expiration Notice” from the  Domain Registry of Canada or the  Domain Registry of America (or another company from the list below) similar to the one you see in the picture?

🤓  This is an unfair tactic with which they try to convince Free certificate courses  you to renew very expensively and transfer the management of your domain  to this company! ✅

The letter is addressed to you personally and begins with the word “As a courtesy to domain holders we are sending you this notification of the domain name registration that is due to expire in the next few months” .

Free certificate courses  “You must renew your domain name to retain exclusive rights to it on the Web Failure to renew your domain name by the expiration date may result in a loss of your online identity making it difficult for your customers and friends to locate you on the Web”.

🔥   Hmmm… this can make you worry and rush to fill out the form, right? But you should not!  🤑

Be careful where it says ” transfer and renew your name  from your current Registrar ” and   ” THIS IS A SOLICITATION FOR THE ORDER OF SERVICES AND NOT A BILL ” , otherwise if you fill in the letter and send it you will be deceived and you will transfer to this company .com, .net, .org etc your domain name at very high prices.

Also, because the company “cares” for you, it suggests you to register similar to your own domain name (eg in another extension: .org, .net etc

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💥  So do not let them catch you Free certificate courses sucking !! 💥

If you have ever received a letter from the  Domain Registry of America or from companies that practice this practice, the following are:

* Domain Registry of America (DROA)

* Internet Registry of Canada (IROC)

* Internet Registry of America (IROA)

* Verisign/Network Solutions

just throw it away and do the renewal with the company you work with!

Please read the following relevant articles regarding the action of this company and how it continues for years to deceive ignorant users, extracting very high amounts of money and the management of their domain names.

Another possibility is to receive an email asking for the authorization code of your domain name , in order to “renew” and transfer your domain name to one of these companies.