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🙂 Candidate interview via video conference Free certificate courses 🥇

Free certificate courses

Free certificate courses  : If there are vacancies in your business, you should be able to collect / search the candidates ‘ CVs , then interview them and finally evaluate them . Let’s see how to do this remotely:

With video interviews through Zoom , Webex or GoToMeeting which as mentioned above are ideal for video calls even for 1 to 1.

The Owiwi , is a system of evaluation of candidates through online games, resembling more a pleasant game. But it is a psychometric test for the skills (communication, problem solving, teamwork, organization and time management, adaptability, critical thinking, etc.) of each candidate. It also gives a lot of tips that will help you choose the most suitable for the position. The Owiwi offers free trial with some assessments, something that may seem your very useful at the moment!

🤓 To test candidates online ,  Free certificate courses  you can search for free versions or trial services in this candidate test list . ✅

With free versions of apps HR of Zoho , you can do everything. To organizations and automation of the processes of your HR to the People . Search, attract news and use your resume during a Recruit recruitment  . Find temporary partners and organize their work with Workerly . And finally to familiarize and educate at a distance (with e-learning courses and online classes), your new recruits, with theShowtime .

🔥  Group network security Free certificate courses 🤑

Cloudflare is offering Cloudflare for Teams to organizations of any size for free until September 1, 2020, to secure their devices , networks, and internal applications . Cloudflare for Teams allows a company’s employees to access internal applications (eg Jira and Confluence, SAP, etc.) without a VPN , protects corporate devices from malware and phishing sites, and enforces each company’s security policies.

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Do you want more?

The Open for Business Hub is an online list of technology companies that help small businesses by allowing remote work during this time of crisis due to COVID-19, providing free video conferencing, on-the-job and security services.

💥 Some thoughts on teleworking Free certificate courses ✨

Woman working via video conference

As you see, there are many , complete and specialized telework solutions which make it your business to work equally, if not more, productive without physical presence in the office. So given the restriction of movement, we can work from home with the above tools that are easy and free.

Apart from that, we at DNHOST always see as an opportunity any difficulty or change in our culture and way of life and work! So even now, the coronavirus pandemic is a huge opportunity for the highly, and for a long time now, necessary digital transformation of Greek and growing companies around the world.

The so-called digital transformation is imperative for professionals of all kinds, in order to cope with international and domestic competition and do what until yesterday seemed impossible to them, discovering new possibilities through the power of online applications.

It is still an opportunity to improve our relationship with work , our loved ones, and even with ourselves. Staying more in the comfort of our home, properly shaping our workplace there and having loved ones (or just a favorite playlist on Soundcloud), we significantly upgrade our quality of life and work , and therefore the result!

🔥  Saving valuable time and money on commuting to and from work, we can insteadFree certificate courses  enjoy a healthy breakfast at home, then have more time and willingness to focus on our work. 😂

Undoubtedly, the new data will extend horizontally, widely and massively remote work and distance learning after the end of the crisis. So these benefits , which until yesterday were a “privilege” of a few usually self-employed or executives of high-tech companies and startups, will be established in the lives of all of us.

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And as we have seen with the dramatic reduction in air pollution around the world , we hope it will make us all (especially governments, civil movements and heavy industry) rethink our role in climate change and environmental change (not disaster) in our days, with the participation of all of us.

Let’s see which travels, trips and options are really important and necessary for us, and which are not.

So we live and work from home, better ! #stayhome #workfromhome.