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🥇  About our company  Free certificate courses 🙂

Free certificate courses

Free certificate courses : DNHOST is a leading Internet services company based in Free certificate courses Athens, Greece, specializing in web hosting, SSL certificates and domain names services since 2000.

We are looking for the right candidate for immediate Free certificate courses recruitment & long-term cooperation for the position of SENIOR Backend Developer with knowledge, experience and passion for his work.

🤓  We offer Free certificate courses : ✅

Very competitive salary

14 salaries per year.

Health insurance.

Vacation Bonus.

Christmas bonus.

Easter Bonus.

Work visa & accommodation

Responsibilities and Duties:

Write clean, well-designed code.

Troubleshoot and test core product software to ensure strong optimization.

Contribute to all phases of the development lifecycle.

Team leader qualities and decision maker.

🤑 Requirements and Qualifications Free certificate courses : 🔥

Knowledge of database design and querying using SQL.

Proficiency in HTML and JavaScript.

Practical experience using the MVC architecture.

A portfolio of applications and programs to your name

Problem-solving skills and critical mindset.

Great communication skills.

The desire and ability to learn.

The  GoDaddy  announced on 11.17.2021 breach approximately 1.2 million customer data of after the attack by hackers of service management environment of Managed WordPress hosting.

🔥   The malicious Free certificate courses intruders had access to GD’s network and data since at least 6 September 2021. 💥

What Godaddy customer data was breached Free certificate courses

The details of its customers (active and inactive) who were exposed and / or stolen are:

Email addresses and phone numbers

The WordPress Admin password

The sFTP and database username / passwords .

The SSL private key

GoDaddy was once again the victim of data breach in May 2020 (massive breach of web hosting access data and subsequent connection via SSH directly to the server )  and in 2019, when hackers created 15,000 phishing websites.

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This breach is very significant and worrying, as GoDaddy Free certificate courses  is one of the largest domain registrars in the world and a web hosting company with over 20 million customers.

What to do if you are a Godaddy customer

All WordPress and hosting passwords need to be changed , SSLs need to be reissued and users will normally need to change passwords in their emails as well if they were using one of the stolen / exposed passwords.

It will also be good to enable two-factor authentication for WordPress admin users and check your WP security logs for any failed or unusual login attempts to your WP admin account.

😂  What protection do we provide to our Web Hosting Free certificate courses ✨

At DNHOST we have focused on server and application security, applying multiple security measures at every level:

DDoS Scrubbing: Inbound traffic analysis and filtering of medium and large scale attacks and malicious traffic at the level of network providers, ie BEFORE web traffic enters our Data Center.

Edge firewalls: Blocking at the local network level , ie from the edge firewalls of our racks, tens of thousands of known malicious IP addresses from which most attacks are hackers, malware bots, spamning, phishing, etc.

Server Cloud Firewalls: Protection from software firewalls that are installed on our servers and consists of:

Realtime IP address reputation control that cuts out the remaining botnets.

Automatic Honeypots, which are baits that recognize and exclude malicious scanners that seek known vulnerabilities in our systems and client sites (WordPress etc).

Web Application Firewall , a very fast reverse proxy that filters all incoming web requests, automatically rejecting any attacks.

Logs analysis automatically analyzes the most common logs on your server and immediately blocks brute force attacks, SQL injections, directory traversal, spam attempts, WordPress user listing attack, DDoS via xmlrpc.php and more.

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Low intensity DDoS attacks (incoming and outgoing!) On each protocol (HTTPS, FTP, POP3 / IMAP, TCP), low percentage of false positives!

Vulnerability Patching , which detects and covers known vulnerabilities of almost all known CMS (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, WooCommerce, Magento and PrestaShop etc.) and their popular plugins (eg Contact Form 7, Jetpack, All-In-One SEO Pack , Google Sitemap Generator, TinyMCE Advanced, WordPress SEO and WordPress Importer), BEFORE they are found by hackers and violate / infect the website.

AntiMalware , detect and clean malware, even in real time (covert download attempts).

* Includes Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Semi-Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting and their Dedicated Servers

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The unparalleled security and speed that we provide in combination with our immediate and qualified technical support and the perfect department of finances and pricing , compose a highly advantageous and competitive proposal in WordPress hosting of any size and budget!