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Free Certificate Courses 💥 What is graphic design? Apply for the new Graphic Design Course 💥


Free Certificate Courses : Begin your course with an overview of the graphic design space. Get acquainted with the idea of ​​concepts, ideas and thoughts, an understanding of visual relationships that can help you communicate a direct and coherent message. Blast your way through the holy trinity of graphic design applications: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Free Certificate Courses

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By learning the elements and principles of design, In your second graphic design class, you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the development of ‘Designer’s Eye’. The key is to understand the basic components of design. You know more about the principles and elements of design, including composition, organic and geometric shape, color, use of craftsmanship to create a visual impact with clarity while adding structure to your designs. Free Certificate Courses

Logo design and an introduction to Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator, the world’s leading digital illustration application, is your starting point. Lesson 3 will investigate one of the first tasks a designer faces; logo creation. Free Certificate Courses. The process from concept to presentation is known as the design cycle and a full breakdown will be provided on how to approach a client through the design cycle. Free Certificate Courses. The lesson will end with an introduction to working in Adobe Illustrator.

Newly discovered knowledge: get creative in Adobe Illustrator. In Lesson 4 of the Graphic Design Course, we will differentiate between the different types of images that graphic designers handle on a daily basis. You thought you knew everything there is about images, but this course will blow you away with some newfound knowledge. A bulletproof design technique that just fails will be taught and applied in a hands-on Adobe Illustrator exercise. This lesson is sure to get you hooked!

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Photo-manipulation in Adobe Photoshop. Free Certificate Courses. Is there a difference between a digital and a printed image? This lesson will investigate the crucial component of working with pixels. Photoshop demos will make this lesson even more hands-on, focusing on Photoshop fundamentals, including layers and blending modes. Free Certificate Courses.

Movie poster design in Adobe Photoshop. The golden ratio, the rule of thirds, and God’s design principles will be discussed in Lesson 6 Graphic Design Course. Photoshop’s incredible capabilities will be put to the test when presented with layer masks. These skills will be put into practice by designing a movie poster. Once you have finished Lesson 6, you will eat, sleep, and speak Photoshop.

An introduction to Adobe InDesign. The print is not dead. Preparing your files for printing is a critical part of any designer’s job. Bleeds, crop marks, color space, and formatting are the principles that will be explained, and the student will get to know the amazing Adobe InDesign; The most powerful design application.

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About 70% of all designs consist of typography, the art of using type in your design. In our last lesson of Module 1, you will realize that type is not just a mere communication tool, but you will see the potential of using type as a design element. Your audience wants to read your message, but with so many other messages asking for attention, how do you make your message stand out?


🔴 Apply and access the new leadership course. This opportunity is for you. ✅ Free Online Courses

Free Online Courses : Are you a manager or a leader? In the Leadership Course, we begin by focusing on the basic skills that all managers and leaders must have to be successful. Then you will explore the characteristics that great leaders bring to their positions. 6 Month Short Courses Online You can use these features to become a better administrator with the confidence to meet any challenge that comes your way Free Online Courses.

🙋🔴 Management Competencies and Why They Matter with the Leadership Course 👈 Free Online Courses

In this lesson from the Leadership Course, you will develop an awareness of basic management skills: planning, organizing, directing, and controlling. You will then apply these competencies to establish clear directions, provide feedback, recognize and reward performance, and communicate effectively. Free Online Courses. 6 Month Short Courses Online You will then be able to contrast different management styles to help you develop your own personal leadership style with the new Leadership Course.

👉👉 How leaders have vision, values ​​and purpose. With the Leadership Course 🔴 Free Online Courses

Perhaps the biggest difference between a leader and a manager is their ability to explain why they work the way they do. 6 Month Short Courses Online. Free Online Courses. You will learn how strategic alignment is the key to helping managers create a winning culture.

🏃♀🏃♂ Learn to motivate and inspire others with the Leadership Course 👈👈 Free Online Courses

Leaders inspire and motivate their teams not to fear change but to embrace it. During Lesson 4, you will learn key information about how leaders foster growth and development. Online Certificate Programs Building trust is at the core of what leaders do. You will learn to make time for each team member and invest in their well-being. Free Online Courses. The result will be to make work more enjoyable and productive for your team.

Online Certificate Programs Coaching for Success In Lesson 5, you will learn how to effectively train employees. You’ll appreciate why leaders schedule regular performance reviews. Online Certificate Programs Leaders also know how to manage difficult employees by setting clear goals so there is no room for maneuver. You’ll also learn how rewarding performance promotes productivity and helps build resilience for times when you need team members to go the extra mile. Free Online Courses

How Leaders Manage Change, Those who lead inspire change. Here you will learn how leaders build and maintain momentum during times of change. Online Certificate Programs Leaders explain why change is required. They focus on the end goal. It will focus on the key communication skills that facilitate change and motivate those who are resistant to change. Free Online Courses

Future Leadership Roles Some managers struggle with how work is constantly changing. Free Online Courses.  We look at the millennial generation and provide insights to help you lead in a global, social, diverse and multicultural environment. You will learn to appreciate how the changing nature of work demands new leadership and transformative roles. Roles that you, as aspiring managers and leaders, can fulfill.  Free Online Courses

Leaders are continually learning. Change requires new skills and competencies. Leaders demonstrate that learning on the job is key to developing an employee. In Lesson 8, we will focus on the steps to build a productive learning culture. Free Online Courses. You will learn why leaders provide the opportunity for others to grow and how developing a productive learning culture helps sustain growth in times of change. Free Online Courses.


👉👉APPLY NOW !! 👈👈 Computer systems course 🔴👈 Online Certificate Programs

Online Certificate Programs : What is Photoshop and how can it benefit me? This lesson will familiarize you with the image editing power that Photoshop is. Discover and navigate the many editing options with a hands-on demonstration of the Photoshop interface. Online Certificate Programs

👉🔴 Know all the settings with the computer systems course 🏡✅ Online Certificate Programs

This is an exploration of the central adjustment options that Photoshop offers and will give you an idea of ​​how each one works, and when and where to apply them. Online Certificate Programs. A firm understanding of how these strong settings work will allow you to enhance your images and give them a new creative edge, as well as create some truly unique illustrations! All with the computer systems course. Online Certificate Programs

Layers and Masks, Lesson 3 of the Computer Systems course introduces you to one of the most important features of Photoshop, Layers. Layers allow you to enhance images in a non-destructive and continuously re-editable way. We go over the basics and principles of using layers and discuss all the different types of layers Photoshop offers. We will also discuss skins, how they impact your image, and their power within this editing software.

Chosen Chunks Before proceeding to create amazing composites, we must first understand how selections can be used to edit our images with the computer systems course. Using our selection tools allows us to create changes to specific parts of our images. Combine all the information we’ve learned so far, with the variety of selection tools available, and we’re one step closer to making your images perfect.

👉🔴More Information🔴👈 Apply for the computer systems course Online Certificate Programs

Composition of the computer systems course. → Photoshop is known for its ability to put multiple images together, cut someone or something out of a background and drop them onto another image, or simply remove an unwanted object with no problem. To start developing these highly creative and practical skills, you need to understand both image layers and selections. Online Certificate Programs Lesson 6 of the computer systems course will demonstrate how you can create your own creative composition, a work of art to be proud of.

Retouching As a photographer, retouching an image is an essential skill to have. Photoshop’s highly sophisticated retouching tools allow us to remove unwanted skin blemishes, as well as remove any distracting dust or scratches that can be seen in our photos. In addition to showing the powerful healing tools found in Photoshop, Lesson 7 of the computer systems course also illustrates the artistic practice of restoring an old, damaged photograph and shows you how to return it to its former glory.

🙋🔴 More benefits of applying to the computer systems course 🔴 Online Certificate Programs

Understanding and controlling color is key to successful design and image editing. This lesson will introduce you to color theory. By understanding this, we will also be able to make detailed black and white adjustments!

Put all your skills together to create images of the next level. Learn how to create Glitch, Scatter, and Double exposure effects. This lesson will push your skills to the limit!

Working with text and shape layers – Part 1 of the computer systems course. Online Certificate Programs

Whether you want to turn your image into a simple postcard or create an elaborate advertisement, working with text in Photoshop is an essential skill to master. We will see how to effectively format text and analyze concepts such as alignment, justification, tracking, kerning, and leadership.

🙂  Stanford University Free Online Courses 2020 (Credits)  🥇

Free Online Courses  : If you want to study in the best universities in the world, you can apply for free Stanford University Free Online Courses offered to all young people and international students of different nationalities around the world.

🤓   Fully Funded Scholarships Worldwide for Bachelors, Masters and PhDs Free Online Courses  ✅

About Stanford University  Free Online Courses

Stanford University is one of the best universities not only in the United States but around the world that offers free online courses to Stanford University. Free Online Courses  Stanford University Online works to increase access for learners around the world by providing a robust list of courses and open content through a variety of online learning platforms. Free Online Courses

Fully Funded Government Scholarships for Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD study Free Online Courses

🔥  Why We Recommend Stanford University to you Free Online Courses 🤑


Aspirants from all over the world are eligible to enroll in Stanford University’s online courses. No registration fee required. Stanford University’s online courses are free. There are also accredited certificates after completing the courses. Free Online Courses

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Harvard University Free Online Courses 2020 (fully funded) (credits) Free Online Courses

Stafford University course details Free Online Courses

University: Stanford University

Country: United States of America (USA)

Number of courses: not specified

Deadline: No deadline

Free online MIT courses

An overview of Stanford University online courses Free Online Courses

Stanford University allows you to start learning with free online courses from the best universities in the world.

You can choose from hundreds of online courses consisting of Stanford online courses for computer science, economics, digital marketing, languages, etc. All course areas are available. Free Online Courses

Stanford Online has become an institutional member of the organization serving 20 million learners Free Online Courses

Online short courses are free of charge, and some other courses have a small fee.

Certificates are available after the completion of the study.

100 scholarships at the University of Strathclyde, UK for masters study, 2021

✨ Fields available in Stanford University online courses Free Online Courses  💥


  • Biosciences
  • Business and Management
  • Economics
  • Events
  • Webinars
  • Natural and Social Sciences
  • Medicine and Health
  • Mathematics
  • Law
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Humanities
  • Human Rights
  • Environment and Energy
  • Engineering
  • Education
  • Design and Creativity
  • Computer Science
  • Statistic and Data Science

Browse all Stanford University courses and courses (here) Free Online Courses

Advantages of studying via Stanford University courses. Free Online Courses

This is a free scholarship for international students. Let students from every corner of the world. Free Online Courses

No fee is required for registration. Free Online Courses

Free online courses as well as paid courses

Online access mode.

Certificates will be awarded after completing the course.

An opportunity to apply to the One Young World Summit 2020 in Germany (fully funded)

✨ Conditions for applying for Stanford University courses Free Online Courses ✨

The courses are available to students of all nationalities

He can be an EU citizen as well.

There is no age limit.

Applicants from school or bachelor’s, graduates are eligible as any qualification can apply to study at Stanford University. Free Online Courses

University of Sydney Masters and PhD Scholarships in Australia (fully funded) Free Online Courses

How to apply for Stanford University courses Free Online Courses

The application process for study courses offered by Stanford University is very easy. All you have to do is that you only need to register for the course you want and then start studying. The link to apply online is shown below in blue.

Free British Council Online Courses 2020 with Free Certificates Free Online Courses

  • Apply now
  • Let’s keep in touch
  • Our page on Facebook the scholarship
  • Our channel on Telegram scholarship
  • Our account on Instagram
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  • Our account on Twitter
  • Our scholarship group
  • from here Free Online Courses

🙂  Google Free Online Courses 2020 | Free certificate 🥇

Free Online Courses  : If you want to get a distinguished education with free accredited certificates, you can now apply for free Google courses offered to everyone from different  Free Online Courses  nationalities around the world to study in the various disciplines offered by Google.

✨ About Free Google Courses Online  ✅  

Discover a host of free learning content designed to help grow your business or start your career. Free Online Courses

You can learn by choosing individual units, or dive straight in and take a full course from start to finish. Free Online Courses

You have a lot of free time nowadays and everyone is thinking about how to make money online, how to get a job? Google offers an opportunity to learn for free and to earn from Google.

🤑  More free online courses from top global organizations: 🤓

 As the current situation is escalating over COVID-19. So, Google Online Courses is one of the most useful and skillful courses. When it comes to learning, it means, in the end, that you want to make some money through jobs, business or as a freelance. If you do not have enough money to fund your studies then google free courses are one of the best opportunities to learn business opportunities and other courses for free.

💥  Details of Free Google Online Courses 2020  🔥

  • Organization: Google
  • Cost: Free online courses
  • Certifications: Free
  • Number of courses: 126
  • Deadline: No deadline
  • Advantages of Google Courses
  • All Google courses are available
  • No application fee is required
  • Unlimited access
  • Videos available
  • Free recognized certificate
  • Learn from home for free Free Online Courses
  • You can get training on how to grow your business with digital growth by using google.
  • Earn high compared to the job.
  • Google Course Provider

💥  Google partnered with the following organization. So you can take Google courses from anyone listed below: Free Online Courses 💥

  • Google
  • Applied digital skills
  • Coursera
  • Darden School of Business, University of Virginia
  • Deakin University
  • Learn the future
  • Goodwill Society Foundation
  • Locusts
  • Monash University
  • National Chiao Tong University
  • OpenClassrooms
  • Workshop
  • The Open University
  • Udacity
  • The University of Auckland
  • University of Groningen
  • University of Helsinki
  • Free Online Courses From Best Universities In The World:
  • University of Birmingham Online Courses 2020 UK Free
  • University of Queensland Online Courses Australia 2020 (Free Courses)
  • Free Massachusetts Institute of Technology Online Courses USA
  • Harvard University Free Online Courses 2020 (fully funded) (accredited certificates)
  • Stanford University Online Courses 2020 USA (Accredited Courses)
  • Yale University Free Online Courses USA
  • Eligibility criteria to apply for Google courses

Eligible Countries: All nationalities are eligible. (United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Djibouti,  Free Online Courses Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Comoros, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Somalia, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen) Free Online Courses

Required qualification: Any qualification can apply.

Age Requirement: There are no age restrictions.

There are no restrictions on academic background.

How to apply for free online courses from Google

The application process is very easy. You just need to register for the course you want and then start your study journey. The official link to the online Google Course website is shown below with the blue button.

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  • from here

Free United States Institute of Peace online courses with free certificates

Ladies and Gentlemen! Free United States Institute of Peace online courses with free certificates are now open for enrollment. USIP Free Online Courses with Free Certificates is available to all participants from all over the world to enroll in the best free online courses.

Note that all of these online courses are completely free with free certificates to be offered by the United States Institute of Peace. The United States Institute of Peace is a US federal institution charged with promoting conflict resolution and prevention around the world and headquartered in Washington, DC.

Another benefit of USIP online courses is that these courses are self-paced. This means you can register at any time. There are no age restrictions, nor academic background restrictions. Browse free online courses on a variety of topics. Also, you should know that many US institutions offer free online courses below.

Details of the online courses for the United States Institute of Peace

Country: United States

Organization: United States Institute of Peace

Cost: Free courses with free certificates

Deadline: No deadline

The duration of the courses

Each session lasts approximately three hours. Full courses are also available for those interested in diving into a deeper topic.

List of USIP Free Online Courses

There are 12 free online courses available with free certificates in a wide range of subjects.

  • Introduction to peacebuilding
  • Conflict analysis
  • Negotiation: Shaping a Conflict Landscape
  • Mediating violent conflict
  • Nonviolent Action
  • Designing a community dialogue
  • Preparing to build peace
  • Good governance after conflict
  • Media and Arts for Peace
  • Design, monitoring and evaluation of programming in fragile settings
  • Religion and Peace Building
  • Gender inclusiveness in peacebuilding
  • Types of USIP Free Certificates

There are 3 types of United States Institute of Peace online courses with free certificates such as:

Level 1 certificationv Free Online Courses

Awarded to students who have passed the final exam, which evaluated student knowledge retention during an online self-paced course.

Level 2 certification Free Online Courses

Awarded to students who have either participated in a one-month instructor-led online course or attended a two-day in-person course

Level 3 certification Free Online Courses

Granted to students who have participated in personal training or workshops.

🙂  A brief guide to the most prominent online learning platforms Free Online Courses 🥇

Free Online Courses  : Al-Fanar Media Correspondents Team Platforms for online courses. Online learning platforms. Free Online Courses

With the closure of universities and schools in most countries of the world due to the widespread spread of the Corona epidemic, many online learning platforms have rushed to offer many training courses at different levels for students, academics and even workers in the fields of health or creative arts. In the interest of Al-Fanar Media to provide assistance services to readers, we have prepared a brief guide for the most prominent international and Arab educational platforms that today provide various opportunities for continuing education at a distance. Free Online Courses

We have focused on courses that we believe will be of interest to young adults and college students, and that offer free or affordable educational content. Free Online Courses  We have also been keen to add platforms that provide educational content in the Arabic language.

🤓  Some courses offer accredited certificates, and some offer professional certificates. Free Online Courses ✅

Later on, we will provide an evaluation feature for each learning platform with the aim of opening the way for students to share their learning experience in an online classroom, so that other potential students can better judge how much they can benefit from these courses. You can also read our special report on the most prominent electronic training courses on how to deal with Covid-19, aimed at health care workers and the general interested educated public. Free Online Courses

 Kaya is a free, global educational platform specifically designed to offer courses to the humanitarian sector. Free Online Courses  The platform provides both online and face-to-face learning opportunities related to a wide range of topics, from the fundamentals of humanitarian work to technical and programming fields, as well as personal and professional development tools. The full course catalog can be found here, and users can learn more about the platform here. Free Online Courses

Kaya was established by the Humanitarian Leadership Academy, a non-profit, non-governmental organization, and part of Save the Children, a charity registered in the United Kingdom. The mission of the Leadership Academy is to train aid workers to prepare for and respond to crises in their countries. With the spread of the new Corona virus, the Kaya platform has published new training courses related to the virus and the disease that causes it, Covid-19, and public health in general. Free Online Courses

🔥  The Kaya platform is available in Arabic, English, French and Spanish. Free Online Courses 🤑

Course duration varies from a few hours to a few weeks, and some offer direct certificates from Kaya. Free Online Courses

It is possible to use both computers and mobile devices. The mobile app allows users to download courses so they can continue learning without an internet connection, and then upload their progress to their profile once they reconnect to the internet. Free Online Courses

 Edraak is a non-profit educational platform that offers free online courses in Arabic. The platform was launched in 2014 at the initiative of the Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development in Jordan, and worked with Edex of the Massachusetts Institute at Harvard University that seeks to make high-quality education in Arabic accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. Free Online Courses

Lectura de Interés:   🙂  22 solutions for online Projects Management & Collaboration Free certificate courses 🥇

Edraak offers courses on two platforms: Continuing Education, for adults, and K-12 education, with resources for teachers, parents, and school-age learners. The K-12 training courses are designed to align with the curricula of the MENA region. Free Online Courses

Rewaq e-learning platform Free Online Courses

RIWAQ – the Arab Open Education Platform, based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, was established to provide free, high-quality academic study materials in the Arabic language in a variety of fields and disciplines, provided by distinguished academics from all over the Arab world.

The platform targets all types of learners, including college students seeking to advance their knowledge in their respective fields, employees keen to explore a new field, and people who simply enjoy learning on their own. Free Online Courses

The company believes in the value of open online courses such as those offered by Coursera and Edex, and seeks to make Rawaq a model for applying this approach in the Arab world. But she wants to go beyond just translating Coursera materials into Arabic. Free Online Courses

The company wrote on its website, “We believe that the Arab world deserves to have its own educational platform where Arabs with scientific and practical Arab competencies meet to address their audience in their Arabic directly without the need for translation.” Free Online Courses

That entrepreneurs need in the Arab world differ and the legal and practical issues they have to take into full account here are different,” he said. . We need to have content related to this market. ” Free Online Courses

Rooq offers “unofficial” certificates upon completion of some courses, explaining that it is not possible to grant official certificates except by an accredited academic body in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

✨ The platform says, “We hope that we will soon find the appropriate legal status so that we can issue this type of certificate.” Free Online Courses 💥

The platform invites university professors and others with expertise in a subject to create courses, and provides support to course creators. It also allows universities, scientific societies and other educational organizations to become academic partners by creating their own page on the platform.

Rwaq was established as a joint venture between Al-Farhan (Twitter, LinkedIn), who was a prominent blogger and human rights advocate in Saudi Arabia, and his friend, computer engineer Sami Al-Hussein (Twitter, LinkedIn). Free Online Courses

While Al-Farhan stopped blogging after establishing RIWAQ, he was among a group of intellectuals and journalists Free Online Courses.

🔥  Virtual classes in the time of the Coronavirus. 6 Month Short Courses Online 🔥

6 Month Short Courses Online : 6 Month Short Courses Online looks like any social network, it can be used as a place to manage the learning of your class, but also to facilitate collaboration and the publication of creative material with other teachers around the world. v

💥  Advantages of using an online educational environment 6 Month Short Courses Online 🤑

Deciding to use 6 Month Short Courses Online with students can bring many benefits to the classroom and have a positive impact on student learning. 6 Month Short Courses Online

Some of the benefits are to keep students motivated, creating an online community and giving students the chance to study outside the classroom, this can be a factor that contributes to engagement and motivation, fosters a sense of belonging and helps students keep track of what is happening in lessons, even if they are absent.

In addition, it provides individual feedback, through the use of an online environment that gives the teacher more opportunities to personalize the students’ output, it could also help the teacher to provide individual support and make available resources and activities targeted to the individual needs of the students. . v

6 Month Short Courses Online encourages collaboration between students by offering an online environment that fosters group cohesion, allowing them to interact outside the classroom in a safe and teacher-mediated educational environment.

It helps bring students ‘contributions into the classroom as teachers can rely on students’ ideas and ask them to post ideas, videos, images, opinions and questions before the lesson begins. These contributions can be used by the teacher in the lesson planning process, thus contributing to a more student-focused lesson.

Another important aspect of 6 Month Short Courses Online is the strong dematerialization process that it manages to trigger, since using an online environment, material is produced without the use of paper or at least helps to reduce the amount of photocopies / handouts used in the lesson. Depending on your school’s policy, you can make books, handouts and activities available through 6 Month Short Courses Online and ask students to access them via their mobile devices.

🤓  Social learning with 6 MONTH SHORT COURSES ONLINE  ✅

Free videos

The videos of the course can be used free of charge, upon registration on the e-learning platform of Orizzonte Scuola Formazione. 6 Month Short Courses Online

Payment is only expected if the member wishes to obtain certification from an accredited body. In this case it is possible to pay with the Teacher’s Card. The cost is 49 euros. Distance learning, attention to the processing of personal data 6 Month Short Courses Online

Distance learning represents the school’s educational response to the Coronavirus emergency. In some cases, teachers are forced to process the e-mail address. Privacy Guarantor

🙂  Distance learning, the school’s response to the emergency 6 Month Short Courses Online 🥇

Distance learning is proving to be an interesting response from the school to a complicated situation. I am referring to the Coronavirus emergency that has displaced the entire country, 6 Month Short Courses Online.

At this moment it certifies the presence of the school. A “being present” which obviously translates into different offers. Someone understands it as a simple deposit of teaching material, then leaving their management to parents (primary school) or students. Others, on the other hand, rise in level, proposing interactive, communicative paths and methodologies of a certain interest.

Distance learning and the processing of e-mail addresses (personal data) 6 Month Short Courses Online.

Those who have adopted the electronic register certainly have fewer problems. The first is technical-IT familiarity with the work environment. Follows the legal protection in the management of personal data (family, pupils). In other words, the electronic register, although it is an optional tool, is now perfectly integrated into the school system, as it was started in law 135/12. Therefore, the management of personal data related to the electronic register has been normalized (= institutionalized) and the information processed is consistent with the purposes of the school, which involve the obvious minimalization of the data, making it relevant and adequate. 6 Month Short Courses Online.

🙂  Coronavirus, distance learning: the chat, how to best use it 🥇

6 Month Short Courses Online: explains how to best use one of the most popular methods for distance learning, the chat.

We recall that with the note from the Ministry of Education no. 278 of 6 March 2020, the possibility of achieving education through the distance methodology was introduced Free Certificate Courses

6 Month Short Courses Online”However, there remains the need to promote, in an extraordinary and emergency way, in all situations where this is possible, the right to education through of distance learning, … “and in particular note no. 279 of 8 March 2020 with which it was clarified how to achieve distance education “School institutions and their teachers are undertaking a variety of initiatives, ranging from the mere transmission of materials (to be gradually abandoned, as it is not comparable to distance learning), the recording of lessons, the use of platforms for distance learning, at the school, at home or at other facilities. Any initiative that favors continuity in teaching as much as possible is, in itself, useful. However, it is advisable to avoid, especially in primary school, the mere transmission of tasks and exercises, when not accompanied by some form of didactic action or even simply remote contact. Moreover, a necessary programming activity must be exercised, in order to avoid overlaps between the remote delivery, in the form of “virtual classes”, between the different disciplines and to avoid overlapping. ” Free Certificate Courses

With this last note, therefore, teachers are invited not to assimilate distance education with a mere transmission of materials. 6 Month Short Courses Online With this way of proceeding we are stuck with the first generation distance learning that was born in the mid-nineteenth century, used the postal services to distribute paper materials to students who could hardly have reached school. Free Certificate Courses

The second note from the Ministry of Education mentioned above asks us to use third generation distance learning, born in the mid-eighties and based on the interaction between all the participants in the educational project as a central element. It is precisely in this, in fact, that it distinguishes itself from the systems that preceded it. The use of new technologies alone is not enough to account for the change.

🤓  6 Month Short Courses Online In addition, I add that it is unthinkable to assign tasks and activities to be carried out with the same timing as the tasks during the activity in presence. ✅ 🔥


At this stage it is necessary to extend delivery times to take into account, especially in the initial phase, the necessary “waste of time” to learn the use of the technologies necessary for distance learning. Free Certificate Courses

One of the most frequently asked questions is “once I have learned how to use technology, in this case technology for distance learning, how can I use it?”

With these brief notes, I would like to answer the previous question by providing indications, work paths to “correctly” introduce the use of technologies for distance learning.

🔥   6 Month Short Courses Online In these notes I will focus on a synchronous communication methodology, namely the chat. 🤑

2. Chat

Face-to-face communication with students is an integral part of the educational process.

We all pay particular attention to our gestural habits aware that this can make the teaching material more interesting and can better involve students in the educational process.

✨  Gesture is also important when reinforcing student communication. 6 Month Short Courses Online💥


Following the children’s utterances at the right pace spreads a climate of attentive listening that facilitates communication.

For this reason, special attention is required when switching to distance learning.

The theoretical approach of reference is that of collaborative learning in the peer group and the construction of knowledge. Free Certificate Courses

The chat is a synchronous communication that is in real time and it is necessary for two or more people to be present at the same time within the “room” in order to chat (chat). The chat content exists only “now and here”. Free Certificate Courses

Usually chats are automatically archived for later viewing (sometimes it is necessary to have appropriate privileges). Since the chat in an eLearning system is used by small groups for example by the members of the “virtual class” it is possible, easily, to monitor the messages. Free Certificate Courses.