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🥇 Mira knows everything that is related to Real Estate Promotions Housing Subsidies 🙂

Subsidy of housing

Subsidy of housing : The housing subsidy real estate promotions is another of the policies adopted by the State with the purpose of appeasing a little the issue of families who do not own their own home, in this program the possible beneficiaries must be within the scale of people with low income. resources, opening the opportunity for many people to be able to acquire their own home in an urban area, between social strata 1, 2 and 3


✅  Cheer up, you can apply for the subsidy by any of the entities that we mention below 🤓

There are many entities that are registered in the housing program, among them we can mention the following entities that grant subsidies, among which we have:

o Family housing subsidies: these programs are intended for people who do not own a home and are assigned only once

o My house now: this entity has a program that offers the possibility of acquiring a home in urban areas, my house already has several types of subsidies, one that helps to give the initial payment and another that is based on the interest rate

o A dignified house, a dignified life: this program is focused so that people can either build their home or make improvements to it.

⭐ They know who can apply for real estate promotions Subsidy of housing 🤑

It is important that people who are interested in this type of subsidy keep the following in mind.

1. Only low-income people can access the program

2. These must be found between social strata 1, 2, and 3

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3. This program is designed for those people who do not have previous savings

4. Potential applicants cannot earn more than 8 times the minimum wage.

These are the requirements you need to qualify for real estate promotions housing subsidies

💥 Among the requirements are the following: 🔥


o Applicants must have a conformed home or they can choose even if it is single family

o Not having previously received any type of subsidy from both the state and the compensation funds or any other entity that provides the benefit

o It is important that the members that make up the family nucleus are not registered in the credit registry

o The income that is required for the possible beneficiary to be an eligible candidate is that it does not exceed the 8 minimum wages in force

o The person requesting the subsidy must be of legal age

o It is essential that people who wish to qualify for the benefit have a permanent job; if they do not have one, they can submit their application as independent workers or contracted workers.

In this way you can apply for real estate promotions housing subsidies

To make the application, you must fully comply with the stipulations or income regulations and each of the requirements, when the applicant complies with them, you can make the application in the family compensation fund or the national savings bank.