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🙂 See the information we have for you about Subsidy of housing 🥇

Subsidy of housing

Subsidy of housing : In order to provide help to those people who are in a vulnerable situation, the State has created government programs so that many families who have the possibility of having the resources can have the boost they need through subsidy programs of Sisbén, among this type of program is that of housing subsidies, with this many people who do not have the economic capacity to acquire a home have the possibility of doing so.

🤓  If you want to know how you can apply for SISBÉN subsidies, here we tell you Subsidy of housing ✅

The first thing to keep in mind is that the housing subsidies granted by SISBÉN are intended solely and exclusively for families who do not have the possibility of acquiring a home, that is, who are classified as vulnerable families.

🔥  A very important piece of information is that within the groups managed by SISBÉN, as far as housing policies are concerned, there are: 🤑

o Family subsidies managed by the MINVIVIENDA institution

o The family allowances granted by MI CASA YA

o And the program saves your rent from the National Savings Fund.

Each one has the same approach but with different perspectives, you just have to inform yourself well about each of the programs offered by these institutions.

✨ Look at these are the requirements you must have to be eligible for the housing subsidy granted by SISBÉN. 💥

To be eligible for SISBÉN housing subsidies, you must meet the following requirements:

Lectura de Interés:   🙂 Look knows the down payment housing subsidies 🥇

o The first of them is to comply with the provisions of Decree 2190, which establishes that people must have a maximum of 4 minimum wages

o Those interested in opting for this type of subsidy must have been beneficiaries of family housing subsidies

o In the event that the interested parties wish to acquire a home or wish to carry out the construction of a property, it is essential that they are owners or have a home in their own name or in the name of the relatives that make up the family nucleus

o Regarding the subsidies for home improvement, it is important that the interested parties do not have homes located in illegal areas or high-risk areas, it should also be noted that applicants for the home improvement subsidy cannot be owners of another home, in the same way the people who make up the family nucleus

o For their part, those who are interested in opting for housing construction subsidies should bear in mind that the plot of land may be located in an illegal zone or an area that is classified as high risk.

SISBÉN has established that those people who are interested in applying by this entity for family housing subsidies, cannot be registered in the family compensation fund, if they are, they must carry out the processing by the compensation fund to which is affiliated.