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🙂 This way you can buy a government home Subsidy of housing 🥇

Subsidy of housing

Subsidy of housing  : The government has social programs through which they open the possibility that many Colombians who previously did not have the opportunity to buy a house can do so, it is important that you bear in mind that most of the home acquisition programs are aimed at families that do not have sufficient economic resources, what is sought with the implementation of this type of subsidies is that those families that do not have more than 4 minimum wages can be the lucky ones to buy their own house and fulfill one of the most important goals of your life.

Do you want to know if you have the opportunity to acquire a government home?

One of the entities that is currently addressing the issue of subsidy benefits for the acquisition of government homes is my house, this entity facilitates a series of requirements which you must be consigned to be eligible for this type of benefit.

✅ See the amount that can be approved if you happen to be chosen in the subsidy program for the acquisition of housing 🤓 ⌚⭐

If you meet all the requirements that my house already requests from all possible beneficiaries, you will be able to obtain a good amount of money to be able to either give the initial or acquire a home, in the case of families that earn 2 minimum monthly salaries , they will be approved an amount with which you can cover the quota of your house, this quota can reach up to 30 minimum wages approximately

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In the case of families that have an income of 2 to 4 minimum monthly income wages, the initial fee for the purchase of a house can reach approximately 20 minimum wages, keep in mind that the value of the subsidies will depend on the type of housing you want acquire.

🔥 Know the amount of the interest rate that the housing subsidy will have depending on the type of property you are going to acquire. 🤑

This point is really important, to know what the interest rate that you will have to pay for the housing subsidy granted may be, in the case of affordable housing (VIS) the percentage coverage will be located at 4 percentage points, now if you have chosen to purchase a priority interest home, the coverage will be 4 percentage points.

✨ You want to know what are the conditions to qualify for government housing subsidies 💥

1. The amount of minimum salaries cannot exceed 4 monthly salaries

2. Not owning a home

3. Not having received the benefit of subsidies neither by the government nor by the family compensation funds

4. Not having been a beneficiary of any interest rate coverage title

5. And above all, have a mortgage loan approved by a bank, in addition to having the housing leasing letter available.