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Online Certificate Programs : You should know the difference between pages and posts in short, the page can contain multiple posts (articles), and the same principle applies to WordPress, for example (posts) that you read and are listed on pages that contain a large number of (posts) and are listed under (Web site design). Online Certificate Programs

🤓  Online Certificate Programs  Planning: ✅

I can begin to modify the look of the blog here, the search bar, the articles list, as well as the list of recently read articles and the page footer, etc. All operations can be completed on this page, so that you can edit any part of the page.

This choice Online Certificate Programs  is for the template you want to use for a blog, and the template control for the website background, color, and appearance, but it does not affect the content or arrangement of the information (unless the template used supports Online Certificate Programs certain layouts that the new template does not support, but the important thing is that you can edit your blog on this screen, And choose a template that best fits your content.

🤑   Online Certificate Programs  Settings: 🔥

It is Online Certificate Programs  about controlling your blog settings, such as date range, language, emails used in communication, some comment and post settings, most importantly the blog name and description, in addition to other settings that need to be modified to improve the blog.

In the end, we got to know how to make a blog on Blogger, and we also learned about the main interface of the blog control panel, which means that you now have Online Certificate Programs enough knowledge about how to create a blog and the options available.

The next step is to choose the blog title (shown on the main and internal pages of the blog), which is different from the blog name.

Congratulations! With this, you have created your first blog, but your rode, it is empty and you need your creativity and your writing to make it reflect what you want from it, and here we see the main screen of the blog control panel.

In the end, you have created your first blog, but your blog is empty. You need your creativity and writing to make it express you and your ideas, and here appears the main screen of your blog’s control panel.

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If you click “View Blog” below the blog name in the upper right corner, you can see the new blog site, which helps you to edit the blog design before publishing the blog.

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When creating a blog on blogger blog link should be like, you can buy domain name later to remove from blog name.

Then the serious work begins, and we learn how to check the availability of the blog name, and we will talk about the blog domain for example, if you want to keep the blog name like our site. Online Certificate Programs.

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Online Certificate Programs This tag allows you to make posts on your blog, that is, write and share posts and articles and from here you will spend almost all Online Certificate Programs  of your time, because everything is created here.

European jaw crusher

JC series jaw crusher is widely used in the fields of metallurgy, building materials, chemical materials, metallurgy industry and others. It can cut various metals, rocks and other coarse materials, of which coarse, medium and fine are three kinds of materials and can cut 320 Mpa whose pressure resistance does not exceed hard and stubborn materials. European version

Working principle:

European crushing method of jaw crusher is dynamic pressing type. The working principle is: an electrician drives the belt and pulley to make the movable jaws move back and forth, up and down through the eccentric shaft. The raw materials are crushed or split when the movable jaw plate moves fixed towards the jaw with the movable jaw. When the movable jaw and the movable jaw plate back to back through the eccentric shaft and spring, the raw material, which is crushed or split before discharging from the outlet down below the mandibular plate. For bulk production comes true while continuous electric rotation and the movable jaw crushes and discharges the raw materials periodically.

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1. Using the world’s manufacturing process, and choosing the best materials.

2. More advanced motor jaw assembly extends the life of the crusher, the motor jaws use high quality cast steel driven by two big wheels which are made of cast steel, in addition to heavy-mold forged eccentric shaft, all of these make JC series jaw crusher extremely reliable.

3. The axle room adopts the complete cast steel structure, and the forged steel axle room can ensure cooperation with the breaking of the frame, at the same time it includes a strong radial shaft room as well, and the split axle room has no advantage.

4. And using the technique of finite element analysis, the jaw crusher has strong quality

5. The crushing chamber uses “V” structure, suitable inlet size

6. Easy to change outlet size, JC series jaw crusher has vacuum device adjustment, which is better than old jaw crusher, safety and fast.

7. Large shaft size and bearing higher capacity, all JC series jaw crusher have eccentric shaft and crushing characteristics, high bearing capacity and sealing, prolong bearing life.

8. The use of modern gear protection wing, increased motor jaw length, high output

9. JC series jaw crusher has centralized lubrication system, easy to lubricate the shaft

10. Using fixed method of jaw plate with shaft

11. The axle chamber has heavy duty protection plate, avoiding the axle damage

12. Effective protection and support of the lower jaw section against fixed jaw wear and rack.