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🥇 20 Hosting providers closed abruptly Online Certificate Programs 🙂

Online Certificate Programs

Online Certificate Programs : Without giving Online Certificate Programs specific explanations to their customers, 20 “financial” VPS hosting providers announced that they will simultaneously end their services on Monday, December 8th .

🤓  The providers Online Certificate Programs are: ✅


Bigfoot Servers



















The notification via email for the closure of the servers and the forced transfer of the data took place on Saturday, December 6th . So customers only had two days to look for a new provider and transfer their site and data before the VPS servers shut down.

🔥  ⌚ They used the same email template Online Certificate Programs 🤑

The original hypothesis was that hackers had managed to steal the email codes of these companies and sent the alert in order to lead the owners of VPS packages in search of new providers.

But most customers confirmed the authenticity of the notification and found the strange coincidence of the use of identical email wording by different companies.

Companies that have forced their customers to lose their weekend by transferring data and are extremely likely to connect through a network that tries to deceive those who are tempted by extremely low Web Hosting offers.

💥  What is EXIT SCAM Online Certificate Programs? ✨

Everyone’s justified fears are that this is a large-scale exit scam and the silence of the above companies in the requests for further information came to increase the concern of those who want to be compensated immediately. The exit scam is the exploitation of large discount periods, such as Black Friday, to offer extremely low prices on Hosting packages. The ultimate goal, of course, is not to provide even mediocre quality services, but the sudden closure of companies and the disappearance with the money of their trusted customers.

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To implement the above fraud, they establish companies that do not have a registered office or deliberately hide their data. Then they try to lure potential customers with extremely low web hosting offers in a short period of time and disappear having affected both their customers and the wider market reliability.

🔥  How can I avoid hosting Online Certificate Programs scams? 😂  


As in any market, Web Hosting will always have experts who will try to take advantage of the need for cheap and high quality hosting services. However, the following checks will help you avoid falling victim to them.

Enter the company name in the search engines. You will be able to immediately check the historicity of the results as well as find any references to customer fraud attempts. A healthy company appears with its own organic results as well as in reports from other sites.

Check out the company on social media. Companies with years of presence in any industry take care to publish quality content and the interaction with their customers can be reflected in the comments and answers offered by the company’s community managers.

Seek real customer reviews. H Google , the Facebook and most social networking platforms offer the possibility reviews. By reading them you can easily evaluate the level of services provided and worry if you can not find any or extremely few reviews. Also, a closer look will help you understand if the ratings are made by fake profiles or paid users who reproduce commonplace reviews.

Check the provider’s website that you will trust the hosting of your site. Usually companies that upload draft sites in order to deceive potential customers briefly mention their services and use draft and often bad-tasting visuals. The absence of an updated blog is another sign of fraud, as it is an indication of a company that invests in informing its customers and cultivating relationships of trust.

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Search their offices and contact them by phone. The above check will ensure that the company does exist, has customer service and does not consist of just one answering machine on the other end of the line. Also, ask for their VAT number so that you can cross-check their tax solvency. Of course, companies that have only a PO BOX and not physical offices, should suspect you of their existence.

🔥  Finally, if you do not have time for all the above checks, Online Certificate Programs just entrust the hosting of your site or e-shop to DNHOST. 🔥

19 years of operation, thousands of customers from all over Greece and the 12-member staff, guarantee the high quality of our services, stable service hours at all levels (technical, sales, financial) and the long-term investment in relationships of trust with our customers. We hope that all customers of the above VPS providers will be compensated immediately and that they will be wary in the future towards companies that give meaning to the proverb.