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🥇 Creating interactive content Online Certificate Programs 🙂

Online Certificate Program

Online Certificate Programs  : Ask questions to viewers, Online Certificate Programs. Run contests to encourage viewers to comment

Interact with your viewers through challenges

One of the nice examples in our Arab world is Muhammad Adnan Sports Channel , who uses the method of challenges a lot with his fans in addition to competitions and discussions with the audience on a permanent basis.

🤓  Online Certificate Programs  Interact with your audience on YouTube ✅


Share the video link via other communication channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., in order to increase the number of video views on YouTube.

The best way to do this is to share a short teaser on social media to watch the video on YouTube.

The Platform channel uses social media marketing a lot to increase YouTube views of their videos.

🤑 Online Certificate Programs Explanation and translation clips  🔥

Creating videos is great, but sometimes your audience will need to see speech in the form of written text due to language restrictions or different dialects, or even translate texts to help interested people better understand your videos, thus raising the number of views and attracting a new audience. .

To find out the best ways to create these clips, it is best to review the YouTube video adding and explanation guide .

✨ Online Certificate Programs  Hosting 💥 ⌚

Hosting guests is a great way to gain new views. Try hosting people who share the same industry with you, and who have similar or similar audiences to yours.

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Such methods are an effective way to not only increase the views of your YouTube video, but also add a flair of diversity to your videos.

Having someone else to brainstorm with can open the door to a creative video shoot that will, in turn, create more views on your channel.

Online Certificate Programs  Organizing and creating playlists or ” playlists ” in your YouTube channel is the best way to reduce the chances of a viewer going out to another channel once they consume your content. Why?

Because playlists work automatically, Online Certificate Programs  as soon as one video clip ends, the next video starts automatically, thus increasing YouTube views for your channel.

We recommend that you take some notes from the menus section of the wonderful lessons Online channel , where you will find many useful and clearly organized lists.

Create lists to increase the number of YouTube views

8. Add end screens 

The End Badge End Screens are an opportunity to provide users who have enjoyed your content with all relevant information about your channel, other playlists, recommended videos, and a verified website.

But Extract keywords from competitors’ videos Online Certificate Programs

 remember, before copying the words and adding them in the tags field, that your video should provide value to the viewer and be relevant to the video they just watched!

🤓  Online Certificate Programs  Minimized picture ✅

Don’t underestimate the capabilities of this thumbnail! Your thumbnail can work wonders and help you increase YouTube views

Examples Online Certificate Programs  of thumbnails on YouTube

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Thumbnail thumbnail properties:

High quality images

Readable and attractive fonts

Close-up of the face

Relevance to the title and content of the video

You can use free tools like Canva and Xtensio to help you create thumbnails for your YouTube videos.