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🥇 7 new TLD’s .lighting .camera .equipment .estate .graphics .gallery .photography 🙂

Online Certificate Programs

Online Certificate Programs : As of today 12/2, another  7 new domain names endings are available to the public for registration: .lighting, .camera , .equipment , .estate , .graphics , .gallery and .photography

🤓  Online Certificate Programs is the ideal domain extension for the lighting industry as it covers a wide range.  ✅

It is suitable for photographers, designers, interior and exterior decorators, architects, engineers, gardeners, cinema / theater illuminators, manufacturers and marketers of lighting systems, anyone whose work is related to the lighting of spaces and buildings, in a widely developed space.

Online Certificate Programs

 is suitable for photographers, camera operators, print and camera shops or related accessories, photo sharing websites, amateurs and lovers of photography and video, but also for those who offer tips for taking good photos and buying cameras. With more than 2.5 billion people owning a digital camera and Facebook, Flickr receiving 6 billion light a month, the ending is the ideal place for those dealing with the subject.


🔥  EQUIPMENT is suitable for equipment dealers Online Certificate Programs

 of all kinds. 🤑

 (sports, agricultural,construction, leisure, artistic) but also for those who are related, buy or present (review) equipment of any commercial sector. Adds a relevant and searchable term to the domain name making every related business, visible and recognizable by the consumer. Enter a .EQUIPMENT name, for traders, suppliers and customers to discover your equipment online.

 ESTATE can be used for any kind of website related to real estate services and benefits, legal services related to the purchase / rental of land and business premises (notaries / legal advisors), sale or rental of premises or buildings, young or experienced professionals. Provides an easy-to-use name for related sites.

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💥  GRAPHICS Online Certificate Programs ✨ 😂


Graphics is an important component of today’s websites that catches the attention of visitors and highlights the most valuable points of a website. It is the ideal ending for freelance media professionals, graphic designers and artists, companies that own or sell stock photos and graphics or share free graphics for non-profit organizations.

.GRAPHICS provides personalized domain names that are easy to remember and make better use of in the marketing and networking of websites.

GALLERY gives museums, art galleries, auction houses, artists, designers and art schools a place to connect with art lovers, anywhere in the world, at any time.

Of course, it is not limited to the above since the concept of gallery is not limited only to them. With the ability to easily start a blog or website and participate in portfolio sharing services, photo libraries and photo collections, galleries have now become a digital facility that allows artists, photographers, designers, students and families / groups / groups / clubs to publish art objects online and promote or network them.

PHOTOGRAPHY focuses on photography studios, photo sharing websites, print and frame shops, merchants, publishers and photographers of all kinds.

In the photography industry all services have now become digital. Customers can now select photos, order prints and design photo galleries online, so an easy-to-discover website can make the difference between gaining or losing new (or existing) customers.

Facilitate the connection of your customers with your passion and profession and promote your work, by securing a .PHOTOGRAPHY domain for your website.

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