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✅ List of free online courses a robot file in order for search engine robots to locate information that it can crawl. 🙂

List of free online courses

List of free online courses : Also, make sure your site url begins with HTTPS, not HTTP, List of free online courses.

Second: the speed of the site and the speed of the pages

Page speed has been one of the major factors in SEO ranking for years.

Google wants to improve the user experience of its search engine and List of free online courses. Rewards fast sites with an advanced ranking and ranking!

Personally, I consider this factor to be one of the most important SEO factors, and

it is the first part that I examine in the websites of my clients.

🤑 Come on! Who among us likes to wait for a specific site page to load? no one List of free online courses ! 🤓

Not only your desktop pages, but the speed of your site on mobile devices, List of free online courses starting in 2018, Google began to rely on the download speed of mobile devices in its algorithms to classify and arrange sites.

If your site does not load quickly on mobile devices, you may be penalized and your site removed from the first pages of search engines.

You can use this tool from Google To ensure that your site is mobile-friendly

Image Google Tool to make sure that the site is mobile-friendly

Google tool to check website compatibility with mobile

Or, you can use Google’s webmaster tool to guide you in the SEO process

Third: Compatible with mobile devices:

Since we’ve talked about the mobile topic mobile

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compatibility is another major factor in your SEO ranking.

Currently more people use mobile devices than desktop devices to access the web.

💥 This is one of the reasons for changes in how Google ranks search results today List of free online courses. 🔥

Google’s mobile indexing first became a reality that we cannot escape, which means that if your site is not mobile optimized you risk your site’s ranking on search engines.

Here are some things to check on your site:

The website is responsive and compatible with all types of devices i.e. automatically resizes to fit the device

Large fonts for easy reading on small screens

Navigation menus to make it easy to navigate your site

Ensure that the ads are not hiding the primary content

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Fourth: The age, authority, and link address of the domain (domain)

According to a study conducted by Ahrefs , more than 60% of the sites that top search results are three years old or older!

So I told you earlier that the SEO process takes time.

Be patient

with the URL. Make sure that it matches the content inside.

Do not try to deceive Google! This will be easily detected

🔥  An illustration of an internal SEO article List of free online courses  ⭐


Link compatibility with page content, List of free online courses. When we talk about search engine ranking factors, authority is very important and important.

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You can use this tool from the global company MOZ to verify the authority of the domain / domain, List of free online courses

Moz image to check domain authority in SEO

Moz domain authority checker

Fifth: Content Content Content List of free online courses

Simply content is king!

The content should be of value. List of free online courses