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🥇 Free Change Monitoring Tools on Sites List of free online courses 🙂

List of free online courses

List of free online courses : Do you want to know about changes to a site, new products and services from a site as soon as they are available?

Do you want to be aware of unwanted changes to your site (such as a possible malfunction that causes a white page to appear or an attack by hackers who changed the homepage) or just keep an eye on your competitor? 🙂

⭐ List of Free Site Monitoring Tools! List of free online courses ✅

It’s a web-based service that tracks the URL you want and sends you email updates. The new text is highlighted and the old text is also highlighted, which makes it easier to see what has changed.


Another online service that lets you view changes directly online over email.

Google Reader Since Google Reader has custom feeds, you can subscribe to a site even if it does not have RSS feeds. So it works as a change detector rather than as an RSS feed.

🤑  ChangeAlarm List of free online courses 🤓

ChangeAlarm is an online webmaster-focused service that allows users of a site – who do not use RSS – to be notified via email of changes to the site.

Page2RSS  plus  FeedMyInbox

Page2RSS creates an RSS feed with changes to a site, and FeedMyInbox lets you skip the RSS reader and receive email updates. The free version of FeedMyInbox allows 5 feeds per account.

ChangeDetect provides free web site tracking services and automatically sends you emails when the content of a web page changes.

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URLy Warning

This is a desktop application for Windows users. You can track multiple URLs in the same window without using email.


Another application for Windows with the advantage that you can specify which parts of the site you want to watch by entering the HTML from the point of the website you want to control.

Changes Meter Changes Meter is an OS X desktop application that tells you when a webpage was updated and in conjunction with  can notify you with a pop-up message of any changes.

Check4Change This is a Firefox add-on that periodically checks a site for frequency changes that you specify.

Proxy Server and its uses

If you want to browse the Internet without leaving a trace or if you want to see if and how your site works from another site, then Proxy Server will be useful.

🔥  Proxy server, List of free online courses  What is it? 💥

The proxy server allows you to surf the internet anonymously, through a Proxy, who will open the web pages instead of you. You can use it in 2 ways:

One is to use the settings of a proxy server (Proxy Server) in your Browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, etc.), which carries the risk of making them a mantra and you do not see anything

The other one through some web proxy service, where you can write the address of the website you want to enter and start navigating.

😂 🔥  Why do I need a Proxy Server List of free online courses? ✨

When you connect to the Internet, your PC is assigned an IP address, which is logged by the sites you visit. So you can theoretically locate yourself.

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If you want to browse the internet anonymously, you want a proxy server.

Another reason to use a Proxy is to bypass Firewall and access some blocked websites or ban your IP on a forum and want to log in again.

You may be dealing with SEO and want to try different things without the search engines knowing who you are.

In our case, you can simply check if your website is up and running by viewing your site from another location (through the proxy server).

If you changed Nameservers in your domain and even after 24 hours have passed, you still see it off or from the old server (probably with the errors that the server had when you changed Provider?) Or if suddenly you do not see your site at all, then by using a proxy server you can see if your site is really down.