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🙂 The wrong SEO practices, avoid them List of free online courses! 🥇

List of free online courses

List of free online courses : A photo of the SEO malpractice article you must avoid. Wrong SEO practices, List of free online courses, wrong SEO practices that will destroy your ranking on Google

Malpractice in the SEO process, or as some like to call it “SEO,” is nothing new and

yes, it can actually destroy your ranking and ranking on search engines such as Google.

In this article I will explain what is a bad or bad SEO and

I will mention the 10 most practices that can negatively affect your ranking.

🤓  Let’s List of free online courses go! ✅

What is SEO List of free online courses ?

Considered unethical practices or obsolete List of free online courses

or located outside the boundaries of our Webmaster Guidelines Webmaster tools from Google Google as bad and hence the term “SEO bad” found as regards search engine optimization SEO to improve your website for search engines, the use of some of these Practices, List of free online courses can be counter-productive.

🔥 What are List of free online courses these practices that could harm your ranking? 🤑

And most importantly, what should you do to avoid it?

# 1 Duplicate content List of free online courses.

We mentioned in the content writing post that you should write List of free online courses content suitable for SEO and the first advice was to make sure that your content is unique and original. In case of bad SEO practices you need to avoid posting duplicate content on your website.

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Non-unique content is not good for SEO and the main reason is that if search engines already have the same content in their index then there is absolutely List of free online courses no reason to index your webpage as there is nothing new to submit.

Imagine a search engine is a recipe book!

And you wanted to add the recipe for the Makbous dish in this book, despite the presence of List of free online courses this recipe in the book.

Certainly, the author will not allow this addition if this recipe is unique!

So do search engines.  

If you need to add some duplicate content on your website because it is useful to your readers or because of the nature of your business, you should “not allow” these pages to be indexed or followed so as not to have a negative impact on your SEO results.

💥 List of free online courses Keyword stuffing ✨

Repeating the same keywords over and over again is a very bad SEO practice.

Not only will it discourage your visitors from interacting or reading the content but it is also a signal to your search engines that you are trying to (cheat) their algorithms.

It suffices to mention your keywords in the title, description, and opening paragraph

and naturally a few times in the text.

Do not abound!

🔥 ⌚ List of free online courses Write in blogs similar to yours or guest posting to get links  😂 ⭐

The guest Post Guest posting can be a great way to get backlinks List of free online courses back links but if this is done at low cost and wrong ways it is possible to harm Petrtepk.

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You can get posts or posts from high-quality , relevant sites to the List of free online courses content of your site and not from any location or site for the purpose of obtaining more links.