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🙂 How to advertise on Facebook in 10 steps List of free online courses 🥇

List of free online courses

List of free online courses : Article image 10 steps for Facebook advertising. 10 steps to advertise on Facebook List of free online courses.

When we talk about Facebook in our Arab region List of free online courses (North Africa and the Middle East MENA), we are talking about 181 million monthly users of this giant platform, according to the latest statistics, and this indicates something that indicates the importance of this platform in the world of digital marketing, List of free online courses especially in marketing through social networking sites. .

Therefore, as a marketer or business owner, you must understand how to use such numbers for the benefit of your business and growth through advertising on this platform, how?

🤓  I will explain it through this article and in clear and simple steps List of free online courses. ✅

How to make an advertisement on Facebook List of free online courses?

The first step is to create a Facebook page and an ad account

Get to know your customers more through your page

, get to know their interests, and learn what are the things that keep them up at night!

Make your page attractive in every sense of the word

🤑 You can start creating a new page from here List of free online courses 🔥

Business Manager represents the safest way to manage your pages and ad accounts

so that you can know what all people are working on

and know what content items they have access to This

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will allow you to create better ads for more targeted audiences and sponsor them Effectively, you can start creating an advertising account through the Business Manager from here .

An image showing the screen that you will see when trying to create a business manager account on the Facebook platform.

List of free online courses Create an account via Facebook Business Manager

Using ads and creating campaigns will increase the free access of your page

by up to 225% more than pages that do not advertise

according to the study conducted by Wordstream What does that mean?

This means Facebook is rewarding companies that spend money

by amplifying the level of access to their unpaid content for free.

The second step is to add the Facebook pixel to your website

To find out what kind of revenue you get from your advertising spend,

you must create and install a Facebook pixel on your website.

An illustration of the Pixel tool and how it analyzes visitors and customers


✨ Pixel tool List of free online courses 💥

Pixel is an analytics tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your ads

by understanding the actions that people take on your site

and analyzing their behavior. It also enables you to make sure that your ads are shown to the right people and

thus help you increase sales.

The third step is to discover your ideal audience

Two and a half billion people use the Facebook platform every month in the world and

tell me you don’t know how to communicate your ad to people who are interested in your products?

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This is not an excuse anymore. List of free online courses

Facebook enables you to define your audience to achieve more accurate ad targeting for your ad through audience identification tools and certain criteria such as List of free online courses location, behavior, demographic information , and interests of your audience!

Or you can use the Lookalike Audience feature, which is a fast and List of free online courses effective way to communicate with more people who are likely to respond to your ads and is considered one of the easiest ways to improve the effectiveness of your ads and thus increase sales.