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⌚ An interactive English conversation application Short online courses with certificate 🥇

Short online courses with certificat

Short online courses with certificate  : Our English language teaching applications allow full Short online courses with certificate use of interactive educational activities, including direct conversations aimed at improving the student’s English speaking skills and enabling him to apply the lessons learned in a practical way. EF English Live provides an English conversation application that includes two main types of interactive conversations as follows:

Short online courses with certificate  Direct private lessons: During this type of lessons the student conducts a direct conversation (one to one). The duration of the lesson extends to 45 continuous minutes during which the student practices the English language practically with one of the expert teachers Short online courses with certificate

Group conversation classes: During these classes the student practices the language through a group conversation that includes the expert teacher along with a limited number of other students Short online courses with certificate

One of the main factors that distinguish the EF English Live app and make it the best app to teach English is that live interactive lessons – such as conversation classes – are always available and can be used at any time; As the direct conversations are conducted on the date specified by the student in advance, in accordance with his schedule, while there is a live lesson that starts every half hour throughout the day.

✅  Short online courses with certificate  English learning application 🙂

An application to teach English multi-level Short online courses with certificate. The EF English Live app includes a multi-level educational program, divided into sixteen graded levels from introductory levels A1 through to advanced study levels C2, making this course ideal for everyone regardless of their level of English proficiency and the sixteen levels are compatible with the European Framework standards (CEFR).

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💥   The fun of learning English with EF English Live School Short online courses with certificate  🔥

EF English Short online courses with certificate  Life School has done away with rigid educational methods and follows the most modern and sophisticated educational systems that have proven effective and won many educational awards. The school provides an application to learn the English language, its content includes a large number of lessons based on video presentations and video representations.

Through these video clips, the grammar of the English language is explained, the student’s vocabulary is enriched and Short online courses with certificate the level of his language skills in general is improved, in addition to a large number of various exercises and various interactive activities. These innovative educational systems make the study process simpler and more enjoyable and thus achieve the greatest possible benefit for the student.

🤓    Short online courses with certificate  Why is EF English Live the best app to learn English?  🤑

EF English Live School is the leader in online English language teaching and offersç Yum live direct lessons 7/24, the school was launched in 1996 and since then it has contributed to changing the lives of a large number of students for the better through its distinguished team that includes an elite of academics and education experts as well as 2000 carefully selected English language teachers.

Our academic experts collaborated with an elite group Short online courses with certificate  of technology experts to create an application to teach the English language that is a unique digital educational tool that includes an unlimited number of features, including:

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The English learning application is available in multiple versions that are compatible with various digital devices and operating systems Short online courses with certificate

The possibility of accessing all school content through the digital application without any decrease

The ability to benefit from live lessons and interactive activities via an English conversation app from EF English Live school Short online courses with certificate

The application allows access to the school at any time and everywhere, which makes the educational process easier and easier

The multitude of types of English language courses offered by the school that can be studied completely through the application Short online courses with certificate

It is noteworthy here that EF English Live School won the Gold Award for Best Educational Institution for the year 2018 presented by the Institute for Education and Performance (, and the school awards students at the end of each educational level that is passed a notarized certificate issued by the EF Education Foundation First, which is a great addition to their CV, pushing them to move towards the future and achieve all desired ambitions. Short online courses with certificate