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🥇 Mozilla Open Web App Vs Google Chrome Store 🙂

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Short online courses with certificates : The Mozilla Foundation is particularly concerned with how people around the Internet can find and pay for ever-increasing web applications through modern Web browsers. Recently, the Mozilla Foundation  announced its thoughts on creating technology for an open web application ecosystem to search, find, manage, and share Web apps.

“The Open Network is a good platform for rich content and web applications , and it would be even better if it had additional features such as facilitating the discovery, acquisition, installation and use of web applications, while activating the potential for profit for developers. Said Jay Sullivan, Mozilla’s vice president of product development, in a blog post announcing the project.

It’s definitely a response to the Chrome Web Store , which  Google is launching to support Chrome OS and Chrome Browser. The relationship between the two was disrupted after the release of the Chrome browser, as a result of which it seemed that the continuous rise of Chrome in the browser market threatens the viability of Mozilla Firefox. Mozilla does not want to let Google take control of the new web app market and therefore wants to open it fully to everyone, even though Mozilla’s plan is indirect, to provide those.

 ✅ Short online courses with certificates interested with the tools to build a web application store and not the offer of one of its own store, as stated in its  FAQ . 🤓

The Mozilla Foundation has envisioned several features for this technology, for example it would offer the ability to find and purchase Open Web Apps made with HTML, CSS and JavaScript but not with Adobe Flash and on the other hand would ensure that such a purchased application would can run on any PC, device or Navigator used by the buyer-user.

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These App Stores will take advantage of the wide range of apps available as Apple iTunes and do. It remains to be seen how far Mozilla App Store technology will go and who will use it to build such a large-scale online application store.

🤑 Of course, this Open Short online courses with certificates Web Applications project is expected to support Mozilla’s central achievement, Firefox. 🔥

On the other hand, after the Google Apps Marketplace intended for users mainly of Google Apps, the Google Chrome Web Store has opened for businesses, providing a central point of purchase for Web applications for users in the Chrome OS and Chrome browser .

The Chrome Web Store is similar to Apple Market’s Android Market and iPhone AppStore and is designed for the recently released Chrome 8. It offers applications, as well as extensions and a variety of themes, for customizing the browser.

💥  Amazon has announced that it is offering a nude version of at this marketplace. There is also an NPR news app Short online courses with certificates 💥

Facebook Photo Zoom, a New York Times app and many games. The payment process is integrated with Google Checkout.

The Chrome Web Store can be accessed using any Internet Browser. “Currently only Google Chrome users are able to install an application from the Chrome Web Store, which adds a shortcut to every new tab in the Chrome browser,” said a Google spokesman. Application description and installation protocols are all open source and are free to apply by other browsers.

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The future is very lively and interesting since the liquidity in the space remains to be consolidated, as everything shows in the form of new integrated services but also specialized internet applications, all accessible from any kind of device and operating system.