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🥇 Hackers hit Berkeley University Short online courses with certificates 🙂

Short online courses with certificates

Short online courses with certificates : A few days ago, officials at the University of California, Berkeley announced that hackers had infiltrated the server database and probably stole files with personal data from nearly 160,000 students and alumni of the University.

The records also include dates of birth, student health insurance and social security numbers , records dating back to 1999.

🤓 ⭐ According to University officials, personal medical records were not compromised Short online courses with certificates Short online courses with certificates. ✅

The hackers gained access to about 97,000 social security numbers, which is quite dangerous, as with this number one can access credit cards and bank accounts . At the same time, they can create new accounts, even a driver’s license in the name of the owner.

However, the University also informed 160,000 students, regardless of whether their social security number had been put at risk.

The attack started on October 6, 2008 and lasted until April 9, 2009, only to be discovered by University staff a few days ago during a routine maintenance of the server.

🔥 60% reduction on Internet and SMS charges abroad Short online courses with certificates 🤑

The European Parliament has adopted a decision reducing the charge for calls, messaging and internet use for those traveling within the European Union . The reduction will reach 60% , while the legislation will enter into force on July 1, 2009. During the voting there were 646 positive votes, while only 22 against.

More specifically, regarding the SMS, according to the legislation, a maximum charge of 11 minutes per message was set, 17 minutes cheaper than now.

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Outgoing calls, from July 2009 will not exceed 0.43 euros per minute, from 2010 0.39 and from 2011 0.35 euros, while for incoming the maximum charge will cost 0.23, 0.15 and 0.11 per minute respectively.

In terms of Internet charging, from July 2009 it will not exceed 1 euro per megabyte, while from the summer of 2010 and 2010, it will be reduced to 0.80 and 0.50 euros respectively.

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