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✨ Leaders who develop such self-awareness also Online Certificate Programs understand their own values and goals and how they align with the goal and mission of their work. 💥

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Online Certificate Programs : They think carefully about why they should accept leadership Online Certificate Programs positions and have some clear ideas about what they want to achieve in such roles.

🔥  Online Certificate Programs  2- How do you practice self-awareness? 🤑

Self awareness is one of the most important academic, work and life skills. Self-aware individuals work well in teams, know when to seek help, and understand how to organize themselves. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, there is a strategic shift in our schools and universities. This shift required a change in methods and methodologies to better support students and faculty. Being with our students today, even if this presence is different from what we are familiar with, is the most important thing. Getting through the current phase with all its turmoil will not be through mourning the past, worrying about the future, or anticipating problems but living in the present moment wisely and seriously. ”The larger changes in the picture will have a lasting impact on our students, faculty, and our mission. The student will come at the right time, but it does not change what happens day after day in our classrooms.

In a great article published in Harvard Business School about self-awareness and change management, Jody Donovan divides the concept of self-awareness into internal awareness (how well you know yourself) and external (how to understand well how others see you). He argues that by caring for ourselves and how we interact, determining what is most important, and understanding what we control (and what we do not control), we can continue to build our self-awareness and increase our resilience. Leaders can increase self-awareness by:

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🤓 Ask others and listen Online Certificate Programs ✅

You can learn a lot about yourself through how others interact with you. Multiple patterns in the behavior of others can alert us to our own. Plus the importance of cultivating relationships with peers and mentors, especially those who hold or hold similar positions and those with whom you can openly discuss what works and what doesn’t. Every leader needs “critical friends.” Our self-awareness is supported by listening – active listening – for others to gather as much information as possible.

Think about potential change and prioritize it.

Reflecting on your observations about yourself and how others are responding to you will sometimes indicate areas that you want to change or improve. Do you want to be more attentive? More decisive? Better organized? More confident? Less aggressive? How will this appear in your actions, statements, and ways of interacting with others? Spend some time creating an intentional strategy to make the changes

🙂  In conclusion, self-awareness is fundamental to LL leadership Online Certificate Programs 🥇

Therefore, the success or failure of any organization, group, society, or government depends on the leaders and leadership styles used in the organization. Leadership has always been an important component of implementing successful change, and its importance has increased in recent times because of changes that were never on the list of anticipated risks. As a result, Online Certificate Programs  we have seen that recent change management research and studies pay a great deal of attention to the way leaders deal with employees and integrate them in the context of Online Certificate Programs  change, recognizing that successful leadership requires a wide range of knowledge and skills. Online Certificate Programs

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They also know their weaknesses and blind spots, Online Certificate Programs when to stop before saying or doing something, things they should not try to do, when to surround themselves with perspectives and complementary methods, and where to focus personal improvement efforts.