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YouTube Go what is it? Have you heard of this app before? Youtube Go

Fully funded online courses We all know that YouTube is a great platform for watching and sharing videos online. Many people use YouTube to watch videos using slow communication networks such as 2G or 3G, which makes the videos in a buffering state for a longer period and thus creates pressure on the network and stops The display, which leads to a worse user experience and an abandonment of the Youtube platform.

To resolve this problem and to enable access to more and more people, and expand the layer users Google Google has launched an application YouTube Joe original Youtube go app, where this application allows watching videos quickly low – touch with the Internet and even download these sections in non – contact, any use of YouTube An atmosphere without internet.

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YouTube Go is a free official app from Google designed for mobile devices, it is especially useful in regions with 2G, 3G or older networks, as it is designed for users who live in areas with poor internet connectivity and who care about the amount of consumption and spending of private data packages Their.

Simply put, the YouTube Go app is another version of the YouTube app that has been specifically developed to meet the needs of regions where Internet standards are not yet very high.

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About Youtube Go

The beta version was released in India in 2017 and in 2018 the Youtube Go app was launched across 130 countries.

Youtube Go allows the user to know the size of the video before uploading it, control the amount of data consumed, and share the videos. Let’s get to know the most important features of the YouTube Go app.

Characteristics of YouTube Go

A to find related video clips and discovered on the main screen:

the YouTube screen displays the Go key common video in general and common clips in your area in particular, to find new videos that you are interested in and care about your community clips.

🤑 Preview Fully funded online courses the videos before saving or watching them: 🤓

If you are not sure if you want to watch the video? On the YouTube Go app, when you click on the thumbnail, you’ll quickly preview the size of the video before you decide to save or play it.

Choose the resolution when saving or streaming videos:

Whether you want to save a video to watch it on YouTube Go offline later, or watch it now, you can choose the resolution and the amount of data that you want to spend on this video.

Share Videos with Friends:

Share videos with friends and family close to you without using any data, as you can send and receive videos instantly and offline with others using the YouTube Go app.

Is this app still available?

According to Google, starting from June 24, 2020, the company will begin to reinstall the main YouTube app on Android devices instead of YouTube Go.

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💥 Fully funded online courses It will also remove the YouTube Go app from the Google Play Store permanently, as it was removed from the Apple Store before. 🔥

Unfortunately, YouTube did not last long, Fully funded online courses nearly 4 years were enough to convert YouTube users to the main YouTube app and remove it from the app stores.

The question remains, will the YouTube application be developed to work without internet and for free? We don’t know what the future holds for us!