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🙂 Depending on your industry you can customize the following ideas Fully funded online courses: 🥇

Fully funded online coursesFully funded online courses

Fully funded online courses :Informative opinion articles in which you comment on industry issues.

Tips that most of your subscribers can take advantage of.

Informative articles of tools and techniques that you suggest to your audience as accompanying your services or products.

Seasonal articles or conjuncture articles that will help you highlight a topical issue and enhance your brand image and its identification with your audience.

Dare as long as you have content produced by your users (UGC) – give them a step on your blog or newsletter to tell their own success story or give advice to your audience.

Never forget that you are writing for real users and your newsletter should concern them and gain their trust so that they can click and read it. A safe recipe is to choose quality over quantity, it is always better to send more interesting campaigns than to bombard your contacts inbox with an indifferent newsletter.

Of course, the images that you will incorporate in your email campaign are extremely important and help both in the continuation of the reading and in the visualization of the message that you want to communicate.

🤓  When should I submit my campaign Fully funded online courses? ✅

Ideal time to send a newsletter

One of the most common problems we face is “what is the ideal time and day to send my newsletter?”. The most honest answer is that you will discover it by sending campaigns to your audience again and again until you find the ideal hours with the highest and constant open rate for your own unique audience.

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🔥   But we have some useful tips that will help you a lot to limit your Fully funded online courses experimentation: 🤑

Avoid the weekends as most have scheduled leisure activities and your message will end up with others in Monday’s full inbox.

Therefore, do not try to send on the first Monday that most of us usually clean our inbox and your mail may go unnoticed.

Friday does not work as an ideal day, since subscribers plan the weekend and rush to turn off their pc or tablet.

Choose to send your first campaigns between Tuesday and Thursday based on Mailchimp statistics . When you find the perfect day, make sure you send it consistently that day so that your audience is waiting for the next super newsletter you will prepare.

Send your campaign at noon and preferably between 13: 00-15: 00. A relaxing lunch break is the perfect time to read your newletter. On the contrary, the morning hours are dedicated to the planning of the day’s work and the evening hours to the housework or leisure work, so there is a greater chance that your email will be ignored.

As we said before, you will find the ideal days and hours yourself and by adding the conjuncture of COVID-19, which affects the lives of all of us, you can discover alternative ideal hours in your statistics and share them with us in the comments of the article. .

In any case, Mailchimp and Moosend will help you plan your campaign for specific days and hours through the dispatch scheduling tools they both have.

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✨  Choose the right Topic for your newsletter Fully funded online courses 💥

Write an email subject in mailchimp

Have you written the ideal newletter and are you preparing to send it and see your open rate skyrocket? So it’s time to talk about one of the highlights of a campaign email, the subject (title / subject) of.

It is without a doubt the first point of contact of your audience with the campaign and crucial for them to proceed to the coveted click and see the wonderful content that you have prepared for them.