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🙂 Fully funded online courses can be divided into 6 different types: 🥇

Fully funded online courses

Fully funded online courses : The content containing the sponsored message is well adapted to the content environment in its look and feel.

🤓  # 1 Embedded Fully funded online courses Ad: ✅

These types of messages are perfectly mixed as if they were part of the site’s content

like any other content and aesthetically speaking, they are compatible with the look and

feel of what is around them , allowing them to exist without anyone noticing that it is an advertisement.

These ads Fully funded online courses allow users to interact with them naturally Fully funded online courses  without having to leave the page, thus ensuring that they are not distracted while browsing.

# 2 Ads on Search Engines Fully funded online courses :

The most popular search engines among users, such as Google or Bing, allow their links to be highlighted in the results that users obtain during the search,

as these advertising links appear at the top of the results page above the links that are obtained naturally.

# 3 Recommendation Tools:

Unlike other ads, this type of ads does not depend on the format of the page content

, although it appears as mixed, but it contains something that distinguishes it

such as “Do not miss this offer” or “We recommend these tools.” One of the most popular recommendation tools used by advertisers is the Tabouleh platform Taboola and platform Outbrain .

# 4 Promotion Lists:

In this type, advertiser messages are fully integrated and merge with the rest of the page content,

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in other words, they are presented identically to other products that can be found on the page. Amazon is the best example of using listings promoted by having links that direct the user to brand pages.

# 5 Native Ads Native Fully funded online courses Ads:

These types of ads are located outside the editorial area of ​​the page and

do not share the layout of the rest of the content. Instead, they present themselves as an ad similar to the display.

Moreover, these ads Fully funded online courses are linked and redirected to an external page ( landing pages ) of the same advertiser.

# 6 Special Local Advertising:

This type is the most creative form of content promotion Fully funded online courses, unlike the aforementioned and illustrated forms above. This form has been agreed upon and created by the editorial teams and can be formed in many creative forms and types, allowing greater creative freedom.

🤑  How do we place and use Native Ads on social media Fully funded online courses ? 🔥

Certainly, it is more popular nowadays to place the built-in ad message in editorial environments

such as articles or brochures.

✨ Let’s dig deeper into the native / original ads on social media Fully funded online courses: 💥


Facebook Fully funded online coursescan be found on this type of advertising on news files NewsFeed in Facebook Facebook .

The importance of this type of advertising Fully funded online courses and demand declared by the companies can be seen Fully funded online courses by looking at the numbers Facebook last year

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as promoter content via Facebook form Facebook is equivalent to 61% of the company ‘s total revenue in the same year.

Here are ten steps for advertising on Facebook

YouTube Fully funded online courses, gave the search engine the most popular among users of this form of Google ads across the property TrueView on YouTube Youtube

and through that enables advertisers to overcome the figure of 4% CTR CTR

that prevailed before and this is a great success!