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🥇 Safari 4, the fastest browser Free training certificates 🙂

Free training certificates

Free training certificates : At the Worldwide Developers Conference held in California, Apple presented the next version of the Safari 4 web browser, which came out of the test phase, with 150 (!!!) additional features.

It coincides with the appearance of Opera 10 Beta and  Google Chrome 2.0 and according to the people in charge, it is the easiest and fastest browser as it passes all the ACID tests at 100%, when Internet Explorer 8 catches only 21%.

In fact, it has ” crash resistance” which means that if one card gets stuck, the rest will work normally (hmmm good!).

Of course there are also visual changes, with the tabs returning to their familiar position below the addresses.

🤓  Google Chrome: New and faster version Free training certificates (??) ✅


Chrome has recently been upgraded and the new version is pretty fast.

More specifically, it is 30% faster than before for websites that use JavaScript code, thanks to changes made to the browser code, especially the V8 JavaScript engine.

🔥 Google Chrome was much faster than rivals Firefox and Internet Explorer 8 Free training certificates . 🤑

In addition to the speed upgrade, the new version has new features such as the full screen by simply pressing the F11 key, auto-fill form and the ability to remove thumbnails in the new tabs.

For those who use this browser, the upgrade is done automatically, while for those who want to download it, they can do it here:

✨  Youtube XL for TV viewing Free training certificates 💥

A new Youtube service has been available for a few days now and we are talking about Youtube XL , with which you can clearly see Youtube videos on your TV , as it is designed for this kind of viewing.

Lectura de Interés:   🙂 Internal Links Free training certificate 🥇

The structure of the page is such as to help the user navigate. The letters are much larger, the bars and user comments have been removed , as have the ads, and the search field is smaller than on the classic page

Youtube XL will also work on devices that have a browser and can connect to the Web, such as the Nintendo Wii .

The link for this feature is as follows:

Not all Youtube videos are available on this service, but you can find most of them.

🔥 Google Search Appliance 6.0 Free training certificates 😂

Google has announced the sixth version of the Google Search Appliance, which brings many upgrades and allows you to search for files from over one billion documents.

In its announcement, Google in an effort to emphasize the advantages of the new version, stating that to count up to one billion will take about 30 years, while searching for a document among a billion files, then it will take 2000 years. Because these numbers belong to another reality, Google has developed Google Search Appliance 6.0, or GSA for short.

GSA 6.0 has the ability to search within a billion documents for a file that can be in a completely different location, in another language, or in any format, as easy as a simple search on

Google Search Appliance 6.0 is available for medium or large businesses.