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🥇 New endings of TLD’s: paris, Free training certificates physio, business, network, immo, pizza, auction, software 🙂

Free training certificates

Free training certificates : 8 new domain extensions .paris , .physio , .business , .network immo , pizza, auction, software to secure the ideal domain for you!

🤓  AUCTION Free training certificates ✅

AUCTION is the ideal place for virtual auctions offering online auction items. Suitable for all owners or appraisers, brokers, auction houses and guarantors operating in this thriving market.


One of the hundreds of new domain extensions, .BUSINESS will surely catch everyone’s attention. Whether it is food, clothes, furniture, various products or services, whatever you put before the dot in your domain, this will show the visitors of your website what exactly your BUSINESS site offers.


IMMO is the abbreviation of the German word  immobilien , which means “real estate agent” and being widely used throughout Europe, it is a great choice for brokers, experts, lawyers and other professionals who want to connect with millions of buyers and tenants.


NETWORK is built for everyone, from IT professionals and telecommunications companies to social groups and employment networks. Just add your ID – eg related to computers, servers, organic farming, education, etc. – to attract new members to your site.

🔥 PARIS Free training certificates 🤑


France is the most visited country in the world, with more than 70 million visitors each year. And most of them come to Paris, which makes .PARIS more than just a top-level geographical area for people living, working and socializing in Paris. .PARIS is ideal for tour guides, travel agents, airlines, museums, galleries, theaters, venues and anyone who writes on blogs about travel and entertainment or anything else about Paris.

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Now pizzerias can have internet addresses that describe them perfectly. Do you already have a domain for your pizzeria? Add the corresponding .PIZZA to prevent your competitors from securing it.


PHYSIO is specifically tailored for the physiotherapy profession: physiotherapists, assistants, students, businesses and universities / colleges and patients. As a specialized TLD, .PHYSIO creates a trusted namespace, both for those looking for information or physiotherapy services as well as for those seeking professional information on training, equipment and professional or social networking.

✨    SOFTWARE Free training certificates 💥

Software is everywhere, in every aspect of our daily lives, from cell phones to airplanes, communication systems, etc. Now creators, publishers, vendors and software consultants have their own web space that can use to attract or find investors, employees and customers for their business.