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🙂 6 Month Short Courses Online Distance learning, the best recipe is to look students in the eye: not just youtube, all the software to do it 🥇

6 Month Short Courses Online

6 Month Short Courses Online :  The best recipe is to look your pupils in the eye. 6 Month Short Courses Online  How to do it? How to communicate, especially in these weeks, with your students? How to make videos absolutely free from direct and manageable, more flexibly, deferred even in the presence of your parents or sisters or brothers, more pleasantly even in the afternoon. 6 Month Short Courses Online

Certainly, the You Tube channel is very helpful, which unfortunately not all teachers know how to use. It is not a drama and you can equip yourself to take possession of this 6 Month Short Courses Online important tool in the awareness that everything that shortens the distance between student and teacher must be conquered, made one’s own, used in the best way, sometimes overcoming the mistrust inherent in this. which is new. We said that You Tube is a great virtual place (enormously large) where you can share videos following a registration that is made totally free. You Tube allows you to insert videos of your own creation, express an opinion on the videos of other users and manage your own videos by creating a channel. 6 Month Short Courses Online

🤓  How to subscribe to YouTube 6 Month Short Courses Online  ✅

It is very easy if you already have a Google account; this will allow you to avoid the registration procedure. In this case, just go to the YouTube home, then, click at the top or right, on the item “log in”, and type the email and password of your Google account. If you don’t have a Google account, you are forced to register instead. 6 Month Short Courses Online

Still on the YouTube home, press the “create account” button, enter the required data, including the e-mail address and username to use on You Tube. Once this is done, a page will open where you will enter your preferred password to access You Tube and you will be asked to re-enter it. Furthermore, it will be necessary to enter the verification code that the system will show (the blue one), to prove to the system that it is not a machine to operate. Procedure, therefore, for any registration. In the end, you simply need to click on “Create my new account”. At that point, access your e-mail box where you will receive a message that will be needed to confirm your registration. This is a link on which you must click to activate the account created. 6 Month Short Courses Online

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Finally, dear teachers, you will be on You Tube. Once the procedure for subscribing to YouTube has been defined, let’s now think about the procedure to follow to upload the first video and also the following ones, we hope so many. 6 Month Short Courses Online

🔥   How to upload a video to YouTube 6 Month Short Courses Online 🤑

The first thing to do is to create, even simply, your video with your mobile phone. Create your video. It goes without saying that you must first go to your pc. Log in to the You Tube account you just created, or the one you have the credentials for, and click on “upload video” at the top right. A page will open that says “select file to upload” or “drag video file”. Click on it, the page where you saved your video will open, select it then click on “open” and your video will start loading which may take different times depending on its length. Assign, therefore, a name to the video, which you will copy in the space identified, we suggest assigning a brief description of the video in the no small space below and choose the category it belongs to where it will then be inserted (you can create the categories yourself). You choose whether to share your video with users you indicate (private) or with everyone by going to “Privacy”. Press the “Save changes” button. At this point the video will be inserted in its database. You can insert videos shot with the webcam. You Tube is certainly an excellent means of promoting work through videos and the numerous shares that will certainly be there, we hope so, because school is also the ability to become a showcase and to be a model, without fear and without any kind of hesitation. . 6 Month Short Courses Online

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✨  How to create a YouTube channel 6 Month Short Courses Online  💥

But what is the You Tube channel? The channel on You Tube is a collection of videos of the same user. It is therefore sufficient to create and upload a first video. What does it take to create a YouTube channel?

In the meantime, let’s summarize the first part, namely the need to create an account and upload a video. Meanwhile, go to the home page and click on “my account” located at the top left. A drop-down menu will open, where you will find the item “my channel”. Click on it to access what will be your channel settings. 6 Month Short Courses Online

Click on “channel information”. At that point you can assign a title to the channel; set a description and transcribe the information to allow, if necessary, 6 Month Short Courses Online