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🙂 Instantiate MOOCs in SPOC on FUN Campus 6 Month Short Courses Online 🥇

6 Month Short Courses Online

6 Month Short Courses Online :  France Université Numérique has deployed the FUN Campus platform since 6 Month Short Courses Online. It is already used on a regular basis by our members and partners to privatize courses and manage distance education for academic cohorts. This platform is at your disposal to instantiate MOOCs found in the FUN MOOC catalog and distribute them on FUN Campus in private mode for your students. 6 Month Short Courses Online

✅  6 Month Short Courses Online If you want to use one of these private MOOCs with your students, if you want to run this course and deploy virtual classes, here is the procedure to contact us: 🤓

First, please identify a MOOC in the FUN MOOC catalog. Send us the exact title of the MOOC and its url, telling us that you want to instantiate it in SPOC, and without forgetting to give us your name, your function and your establishment. 6 Month Short Courses Onlinen

🤑  6 Month Short Courses Online Allow us to remind you of a few important points: 🔥

the SPOC will be in private access with your students, the course will be led by you. You also have the possibility of deploying virtual classes,

we will open a course instance by duplicating the content of the MOOC on FUN Campus,

we will position your authorizations on the course as a teacher.

Of course, all students must be registered in the course with their university email. 6 Month Short Courses Online

6 Month Short Courses Online Two possibilities depending on your status:

You are a member of the FUN network, you will be able to import these emails directly into the course instance. As a reminder, log on to the online help reserved for members of the network: (you will have access to it as the course teacher);

You are not a member of the network and therefore not familiar with edX, we will do this for you. In the latter case, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the interface of an edX platform, by consulting our resources. 6 Month Short Courses Online

Lectura de Interés:   ✨ Private websites or third-party platforms 6 Month Short Courses Online 💥

We will get back to you, as soon as the course space is ready, to set it up.

Finally, some of us have more time than usual. If you are already bored, now is the time to find new occupations with online courses. But do not stress yourself, specialists point out that confinement is psychologically trying and that we do not have at all the same availability as a person on vacation. 6 Month Short Courses Online

But if you are an entrepreneur or an employee on short-time work or are no longer in business because of the Coronavirus, then now is the time to integrate new knowledge to be ready to bounce back when the crisis is over. And even why not then start your business to work from home?

This article brings together many addresses for online courses, distance learning and many other resources for you. Do you finally want to take excel courses, law courses for your business idea or SEO training?

💥  It’s up to you to choose according to your interests, the time you have available and your budget. 6 Month Short Courses Online 💥

The Internet is an inexhaustible source of online resources that will allow you to learn about any subject, at any level, and even to earn degrees. Who knows, you might even change careers after your 40s. 6 Month Short Courses Online

Online training

When it comes to online learning, we differentiate between online courses and distance learning. The training is more comprehensive and in principle leading to a qualification. They are also generally chargeable. Whatever field you want to train in, you should ask yourself a few questions:

Lectura de Interés:   🙂 6 Month Short Courses Online Distance learning, the best recipe is to look students in the eye: not just youtube, all the software to do it 🥇

What is your objective ?

Obtain a diploma, a certification, or simply acquire new knowledge?

How much time do you have?

Are you currently inactive? In partial unemployment? Or are you still working full time?

What is your budget ?

If you have time to spare, then training can be interesting. But if this free time is the direct consequence of the coronavirus, be careful of the duration of your learning. We don’t know when the lockdown will end and it would be a shame to invest in a course you can’t complete.

Choosing the right distance education

There are hundreds of organizations offering distance education and not all of them are recommendable. Remember, this is all about business. It is therefore very important to be well informed before spending generally large sums. 6 Month Short Courses Online.

Prefer training recognized by the state. This puts online a catalog of distance learning, initial or continuing education and diploma in all fields. Be careful though, if the entire program is done remotely, you will have to travel for the exams. So check that the events do not take place too far from your home. 6 Month Short Courses Online

The CNED is the reference body in distance education which offers more than 3,000 training courses, BTS, training for adults or public competitions. If the diploma is not a determining criterion for you, then turn to MOOCs.