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How Much Do Trial Lawyers Make  : Another plea, How Much Do Trial Lawyers Make dear colleagues, stop saying in limine litisin your criminal conclusions: it is civil procedure. It’s not dirty, but there are specific rooms to do this.

Where the interpretation of this rule by the case law becomes manifestly meaningless is when one reads article 459 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the heart of McLane’s complaints How Much Do Trial Lawyers Make  

✅  How Much Do Trial Lawyers Make   The accused, the other parties and their lawyers can file submissions. 🤓 

These conclusions are referred to by the president and the clerk; the latter mentions this filing in the hearing notes How Much Do Trial Lawyers Make  .

The court, which is required to respond to the conclusions thus duly filed, must add to the merits the incidents and exceptions referred to it, and rule on them by a single judgment, ruling first on the exception and then on the merits.

🤑  It can only be in the event of absolute impossibility How Much Do Trial Lawyers Make  💥 

Even when an immediate decision on the incident or the exception is required by a provision which affects public order How Much Do Trial Lawyers Make  .

Here is the result of the combination of these articles: if I consider that the police custody during which my client confessed to the facts was illegal, I must immediately raise it, at the start of the hearing. How Much Do Trial Lawyers Make   I explain how the court must in my opinion cancel this custody, and therefore the confessions made there, since they were not taken under legal conditions. The judge is not supposed, except exceptional exception ( absolute impossibility , or immediate decision required by a provision affecting public order, nothing less), answer me immediately, but he joins the exception to the merits, that is to say that he will answer me with a single judgment on the whole procedure (and calls that “join the incident to the merits” to get stamped with rage). How Much Do Trial Lawyers Make   Then the substance is discussed, and the president can read at his leisure the minutes which How Much Do Trial Lawyers Make  I have just maintained that are illegal. At this point, it is still on file, as it has not yet been canceled How Much Do Trial Lawyers Make. 

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Then, the judge withdraws to deliberate on the whole, and returns by saying that yes, this police custody was perfectly illegal, and he annuls these confessions thus illegally obtained, thus recognizing that the debates on the merits should never have been done. with this piece to the proceedings. And then he can condemn the accused How Much Do Trial Lawyers Make. As if that were not enough, judges and prosecutors thought it necessary to invent an additional rule: for our exceptions of nullity to be valid, they MUST be in writing. In oral proceedings. But the oxymoron does not seem to bother them. However, the text is clear: the defense, like any party, MAY file submissions. It is not required to do so How Much Do Trial Lawyers Make. 

🔥 How Much Do Trial Lawyers Make  When the legislator wants to impose formal conditions, he knows how to do it very well and does so in unambiguous terms.  🔥

So we got used to it, when this rule came out of a mortar, to speak out as a whole against this assertion. The code being, for once, with us, the presidents are obliged to give in. Faced with the repetitive nature of these incidents, we even took care to call on case law to the rescue, since the Cour de Cassation ruled in our favor in a judgment of April 26, 2017, n ° 16-82742 , published in the bulletin, when faced with a (late) local judge who had refused to respond to exceptions of nullity on the grounds that they had not been filed in writing, answers.

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