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Free Online Courses : The Finance Course Opening Bell When studying any topic, you first need to ask questions about who, what, when, where, and why. In our introductory lesson, we plan our educational journey while learning the basics of what we need to know to become profitable traders. Free Online Courses

👉🔴 Leverage, margin and all the jargon with the Finance Course 🏡✅ Free Online Courses

In lesson 2 of the finance course, we will learn to speak like business professionals. Free Online Courses. Whether it’s bulls or winners, we need to know the terms used in the trading world, both to trade effectively and to get to the point. You will learn all the key terms and concepts you need to get started in the world of commerce.

Let the trade begin. Textbooks will only take you so far and you’ll get to a point where there is no better way to learn than to “do.” In this lesson, we will show you how to navigate your own demo trading platform and start practicing risk-free right away. Free Online Courses. This is where your live dynamics really kicks in and creates a fun and educational finance course experience. Free Online Courses

✅ Chandeliers: shedding light on opportunities. This and more with the finance course 😉 Free Online Courses

To find opportunities, we need an efficient way to measure price, right? Well, graphics allow us to do exactly that. As technical traders, we use Japanese candlesticks, a very simple and effective charting style. This lesson will introduce you to price action, reading candlestick charts, doji, engulfing pattern formations, countering retail, and many other tools that you will need to learn how to trade successfully. Free Online Courses

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By expanding Lesson 3 of the finance course, you will learn to develop your technical skills in finding and using trend trading channels and techniques; highlighting breakouts, support and resistance, with strategic entry and exit techniques for each trade made. 6 Month Short Courses Online This is where the “how to” begins Free Online Courses.

This lesson brings together all previous technical analysis lessons, focusing on the methods of finding Counter Retail Trading opportunities, our specialty. 6 Month Short Courses Online This includes a simple exponential moving average test; it was all focused on trying to find that confirmation we need to operate profitably. This lesson cannot be missed Free Online Courses.

Psychology of Real World Trading With Finance course, often overlooked in other trading courses, we are not ignoring the importance of a good frame of mind that is required to trade successfully. 6 Month Short Courses OnlineReal life explanations and examples of the difficulties that real traders face every day are discussed. Illustrated are practical steps to reduce the psychological difficulties faced by real traders and how you will mitigate those using our own in-house developed software. This is when everything really comes together.

Protecting your Capital with the finance course. Trading, like all other forms of investment, carries risks. It is through that risk that profits can flow. Understanding the interconnected and inseparable nature of risk and return is critical to profitable trading. Earning money is one thing, keeping it is another.

🔴 The benefits of the finance course 🔴

● Flexible online classes

● You choose the schedule.

● Course pause

● Take a break at any time.

● Educator support

● Always get your answers.

● Offline mode

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● Credit rated courses

● Globally recognized.

● UNLIMITED courses

● One plan: all content.


Free Certificate Courses 🔶Get the application to the digital marketing course. Find out how you can access now ✅  

Free Certificate Courses : Your introduction to digital marketing with the Digital Marketing Course. The first lesson of your Professional Diploma lays a solid foundation for what digital marketing and performance marketing is.  Free Certificate Courses You’ll learn commonly used terms in the industry, understand what goals and KPIs are, and we’ll go through some examples of performance-focused channels for different common goals.

👇👇 Monitoring and measuring marketing efforts with the Digital Marketing Course 🚩✅ Free Certificate Courses

This lesson from the Digital Marketing Course guides you through various marketing funnels and provides helpful tools and tips to help you ensure your own goals are realistic. Free Certificate Courses  Before any marketing campaign or tactic can be launched, tracking needs to be implemented, so you can get an introduction to the amazing tool that is Google Analytics, as well as learn about UTMs. Free Certificate Courses

Reaching the Target Market Now that you understand digital marketing, its goals, and the follow-up that needs to be implemented, Lesson 3 focuses on target markets. Free Certificate Courses Who will buy your product / service? How is market analysis done and what are customer trips? These are just some of the questions we answer in this lesson. Free Certificate Courses

Content development and writing, Content is still king! To create more effective content, we look at the psychology of sales and the different sales triggers to incorporate into your message. We cover website content, write for SEO, find relevant content ideas and blog tips with the Digital Marketing Course. Free Certificate Courses

🚩 Free digital marketing options. Apply now to the Digital Marketing Course 👇👇 Free Certificate Courses

Not every business has a large budget to spend on paid marketing, adding to the need for your free marketing efforts to work as well as possible. This lesson shows you how to create multiple social media pages and provides a simple breakdown of SEO and how Google My Business pages help you. Free Certificate Courses

The World of Google Ads from the Digital Marketing Course, Google’s suite of products allows you to target your market accurately and, in most cases, profitably. Free Certificate Courses This lesson covers search and display campaigns, as well as policies, ad creation, bid strategies, and recommendations. Online Certificate Programs  A packed lesson designed to give you the confidence to create your own campaigns.

Paid social media marketing Free Certificate Courses

Social media platforms dominate marketing strategies due to the sheer number of people you can reach across the multiple channels available.  Online Certificate Programs After this lesson, you will understand how people and businesses use different channels, which Facebook and Instagram campaign options may be best for you, the types of ads and policies on these platforms, and the basics of LinkedIn and Twitter. Free Certificate Courses

Online Certificate Programs 👇👇 Creating a digital strategy with the Digital Marketing Course 🚩✅ 👇👇 What are you waiting for, don’t miss this opportunity O Free Certificate Courses

The final lesson of this module combines the learning from the previous 7 lessons and shows you how to create a digital strategy. Free Certificate Courses By going through B2C and B2B examples, you will align target markets to channels, create a content plan, discuss budget, and determine remarketing strategies. Apply now for the digital marketing course. Know all the benefits of a new theme. Online Certificate Programs.

By defining the project plan, the world of project planning will be broken down into key elements such as work breakdown structures, project dependencies, estimation techniques, and network diagrams.

Cost, time and quality planning. The journey through the project management phase continues in the second part of the planning phase. Cost management will be broken down into the four main phases, namely: budget determination, cost control. costs incurred and estimated costs. Quality management will be discussed in terms of customer satisfaction, quality assurance, quality control, and estimation techniques.


👉APPLY NOW !! 👈👈 Computer systems course 🔴👈 Free Online Courses

Free Online Courses : What is Photoshop and how can it benefit me? This lesson will familiarize you with the image editing power that Photoshop is. Discover and navigate the many editing options with a hands-on demonstration of the Photoshop interface. Free Online Courses

👉🔴 Know all the settings with the computer systems course 🏡✅ Free Online Courses

This is an exploration of the central adjustment options that Photoshop offers and will give you an idea of ​​how each one works, and when and where to apply them. A firm understanding of how these strong settings work will allow you to enhance your images and give them a new creative edge, as well as create some truly unique illustrations! All with the computer systems course.

Layers and Masks, Lesson 3 of the Computer Systems course introduces you to one of the most important features of Photoshop, Layers. Layers allow you to enhance images in a non-destructive and continuously re-editable way. We go over the basics and principles of using layers and discuss all the different types of layers Photoshop offers. We will also discuss skins, how they impact your image, and their power within this editing software.

Chosen Chunks Before proceeding to create amazing composites, we must first understand how selections can be used to edit our images with the computer systems course. Using our selection tools allows us to create changes to specific parts of our images. Free Online Courses  Combine all the information we’ve learned so far, with the variety of selection tools available, and we’re one step closer to making your images perfect.

👉🔴More Information🔴👈 Apply for the computer systems course Free Online Courses

Composition of the computer systems course. → Photoshop is known for its ability to put multiple images together, cut someone or something out of a background and drop them onto another image, or simply remove an unwanted object with no problem. Free Online Courses To start developing these highly creative and practical skills, you need to understand both image layers and selections. Lesson 6 of the computer systems course will demonstrate how you can create your own creative composition, a work of art to be proud of. Free Online Courses

Retouching As a photographer, retouching an image is an essential skill to have. Photoshop’s highly sophisticated retouching tools allow us to remove unwanted skin blemishes, as well as remove any distracting dust or scratches that can be seen in our photos. Free Online Courses In addition to showing the powerful healing tools found in Photoshop, Lesson 7 of the computer systems course also illustrates the artistic practice of restoring an old, damaged photograph and shows you how to return it to its former glory. Free Online Courses

🙋🔴 More benefits of applying to the computer systems course 🔴 Free Online Courses

Understanding and controlling color is key to successful design and image editing. This lesson will introduce you to color theory. By understanding this, we will also be able to make detailed black and white adjustments! Free Online Courses

Put all your skills together to create images of the next level. Learn how to create Glitch, Scatter, and Double exposure effects. This lesson will push your skills to the limit! Free Online Courses

Working with text and shape layers – Part 1 of the computer systems course.

Whether you want to turn your image into a simple postcard or create an elaborate advertisement, working with text in Photoshop is an essential skill to master. We will see how to effectively format text and analyze concepts such as alignment, justification, tracking, kerning, and leadership.

Lectura de Interés:   🙂 How do Free Online Courses we say time in English? 🥇

🥇  6 Month Short Courses Online Distance learning, evaluation: criteria and methods. Example with evaluation grids, formative credit, behavior.   🙂

6 Month Short Courses Online : Rating. That it should not be evaluated and that it should not be verified is becoming, in recent weeks, a subject of great debate and great attention in the school world.  6 Month Short Courses Online

That they disappear completely and that they are distorted by their purpose, intrinsic to the training-education process, is neither possible nor desirable, although everyone tries to take into due consideration, on the one hand, the repeatedly repeated recommendations of Minister Azzolina, both ministerial circulars which, even if in a bland and not detailed manner, have nevertheless given mandatory indications. 6 Month Short Courses Online

But not only that, it is the school’s task to carry out the evaluation by reminding itself of its functions. 6 Month Short Courses Online And specifically the certification function; the no less important regulatory function capable of allowing, on the basis of the information collected, an adaptation of training proposals to the real needs of the students and to the planned goals; the function aimed at the necessary adaptation of teaching programs; and, finally, the adaptation of the evaluation itself. 6 Month Short Courses Online  A sort, the latter, of self-assessment of the evaluation processes. Sometimes useful to teachers more than the rest, allowing to calibrate the evaluation system to the real needs of users or to changes in teaching methodologies, teaching methods, modification of educational and training strategies, and, why not, of activities and, in extremis, also of skills and abilities.

🤓  6 Month Short Courses Online APPLY NOW ✅

This is necessary because we all know how much evaluation affects the promotion of educational success for all our pupils. Why evaluation: builds or modifies the image of oneself; change future prospects; it turns off or on trust; motivates or disincentives; promotes or inhibits development; acknowledges or ignores; opens or closes possibilities; influences individual stories. 6 Month Short Courses Online

But what are the feasible types of evaluation even in a moment, in which, to overcome the doubt, uncertainty, sometimes the impossibility (in some cases, the inability) to operate in “Distance Learning” mode?

Before entering into the merits of the matter, bringing, among other things, a virtuous example of an institution that has actively worked to establish clear and unambiguous methods for assessing the DA, it is essential to take stock of the types of assessment.

🔥   6 Month Short Courses Online  Types of evaluation: 🤑

An authoritative suggestion, which we share in part, is the one proposed by Professor Silvia Gelardi, of the University of Urbino who borrows, only for the scaffolding, 6 Month Short Courses Online  which is very attractive, but which we readjust to the DDA issue. 6 Month Short Courses Online

💥 6 Month Short Courses Online  Gelardi believes that there are three interesting, let’s say, types of evaluation: 💥

ideographic evaluation, understood as a diachronic comparison between the initial and final situation of the pupil. This type of evaluation has pros, but also cons, like all of them. Among the pros, that of marking personal progress and, consequently, animates the motivation to learn. And, moreover, for an interval, which teachers should define, it allows to derive potential and shortcomings of their students, and, following this, to hypothesize subsequent developments.  6 Month Short Courses Online  Among the cons, however, that of preventing the identification of the initial skills to be readjusted (only if necessary, and it is really rare); that of preserving paths and, consequently, learning outcomes that are much reduced compared to those potentially foreseeable and risks producing an image of “separation”; that of being “unfair” for other pupils. Therefore, it can be used, but very carefully, even in  FaD mode. 6 Month Short Courses Online

the normative evaluation, understood this, in a very interesting way, as a synchronic comparison between the performance of the individual pupil and that of the group, which, in DOD mode, imposes on the teacher a surplus of energy for the management, even visually, of the class ( it would be advisable, always, during the synchronous lesson, to ask the pupils to keep the cam on, in order to manage non-verbal communication with the same efficiency that is available at school. We believe that this evaluation, in DaD mode, has only against , each teacher would do well to evaluate its applicability in their classroom context. Among the cons, we can point out: the fact of being very penalizing for pupils in difficulty, with a consequent decrease in motivation; if the rule refers to the class group as relative parameter, that of favoring negative competition; and, lastly, which is absolutely not in harmony with the indications regarding the personalization of the tto dida 6 Month Short Courses Online.

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Stanford University is one of the best universities not only in the United States but around the world that offers 6 Month Short Courses Online to Stanford University. 6 Month Short Courses Online  Stanford University Online works to increase access for learners around the world by providing a robust list of courses and open content through a variety of online learning platforms. 6 Month Short Courses Online

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How to apply for Stanford University courses 6 Month Short Courses Online.

🥇  The virtual hug 6 Month Short Courses Online🙂

6 Month Short Courses Online: These billboards, these banners can be considered the physical, 6 Month Short Courses Onlinepalpable response of citizens who can no longer embrace each other, but who are still in a position to take a pencil, a marker, a color, and trace a gesture, swipe something with their hand which will become a note for another person we do not know, but who will continue to read us, to make the message his own, to introject fears.

✅  The most human dimension 6 Month Short Courses Online🔥

The heat on the paper, on the fabric, is not only good for them, for these wonderful innocents, it is good for all Italians to whom it returns an indispensable human dimension. Free Certificate Courses

🤑  Messages help produce resilience, to resist without breaking. 6 Month Short Courses Online🤓

Even Bergamo, in these dramatic hours, where tears, so many, are mixed with hopes, numerous sheets reassure that, after all, with the strength of the doctors and nurses, of all, really all, “Everything will be fine”. Free Certificate Courses

The invitation to teachers is not to give up, to overcome this temptation to become administrators of tasks and deliveries, to have rainbows painted with tempera, with every type of color, drawn everywhere in Italy, and to post them here too. , on the portal of our newspaper. Free Certificate Courses

Participation is not, for heaven’s sake, an obligation, it is a certificate of esteem for the effort of those who are fighting for a stronger, more cohesive, more human, more responsible Italy, with fewer differences and more reasons to live and fight together. Free Certificate Courses

🔥  The methodology and the pedagogical turning points 6 Month Short Courses Online💥  

The methodology born from the experiential nature of the same (who imagined, only until the beginning of February, that we would be forced to manage everyday life in a different way) realized with the aid of didactic material, we could define it, of luck (many students have found at home without the possibility of returning to school to take books, notebooks, colors), has allowed the organization of a dialogic space that is only virtual, in contact with the teacher and with the other students, aimed at improving the emotional vigor and allow what we call intense emotions. The support provided by the teachers,  6 Month Short Courses Online together with them by the parents (very skilled tutors, in recent weeks), equipped with, unfortunately not efficient, knowledge on communication and relational dynamics, has collaborated to determine a better self-awareness and a more verifiable self-control, together with the other principles that can be framed in emotional intelligence.

We have built, from a distance, a personalized vocabulary of emotions 6 Month Short Courses Online✨

Strange to say, but thanks to this improvised emotional vitality, we have allowed a personalized vocabulary of emotions to be created, albeit at a distance. The vocabulary of the many who have communicated their will to live and the never dormant desire to hope.

Lectura de Interés:   🥇 Take off your Newsletter with Email Platforms Free Online Courses 🙂

The school, at a distance, thus wins the classic organization of laboratory work in the classroom. And it does it to explore emotions; to indicate the expressions of the emotional experience; to understand feelings; to regulate, each for himself, and only later in the group (starting from the family one, which has entered quarantine) the emotions, fears and anxieties but also anger and sadness, annoyance and shame; to embrace, with conviction, the feelings and anxieties of others and commit to making their point of view their own (being empathic right now is just fantastic); to identify one’s strengths and weaknesses; to access the organizational-emotional development of the group-class; to attack human conflicts, with the utmost loyalty and better creativity. The many Giorgio, around Italy, won the first battle. The one related to their fears. Free Certificate Courses.

🥇 Coronavirus, distance learning: an opportunity to overcome emotional illiteracy. “Everything will be OK” 6 Month Short Courses Online 🙂

6 Month Short Courses Online : The drama of the historical period does not manage, in any way, to scratch the imagination of children and very young Italians who, despite the daily war bulletin read by the Civil Protection, manage not only to glimpse a rainbow but also to draw it, coloring it vividly, while it continues to rain outside. 6 Month Short Courses Online

Although the streets are completely deserted, 6 Month Short Courses Online  the shutters, even those of their parents or their friends, are lowered and the schools now closed for two weeks, their creativity not even remotely scratched by health disturbances is starting to live again, to become color, to give back sense and meaning. A strange reality that seems to collide with the worrying spread, only until yesterday, of emotional illiteracy among teenagers and young Italians. 6 Month Short Courses Online

🤓  Phenomenon, to combat which, 6 Month Short Courses Online many schools and many teachers have started (they should all do it) real alternative paths of “Education for emotions”.  ✅

This illiteracy,  in fact, represents a dose of risk and danger for society as a whole. The exclusion or marginalization of educational and training spaces in school programs, of all levels, to be addressed to emotional training, is an absolutely negative signal that explains, if ever there was a need, the functional impotence of educational institutions when she is forced to confront, as Mariani maintains, with the increase in difficulties and discomfort, as well as when problems arise among adolescents and, even more worrying, children. 6 Month Short Courses Online

The uneasiness of the young, 6 Month Short Courses Online which this event is bringing to the fore (in its many and unpredictable manifestations), which the teachers detect, more and more often, in the school environment, using a very widespread definition, is inserted as an emotional state, which does not however, it reconnects to the classic and detectable psychopathological, linguistic or cognitive retardation disorders. His evidence includes “a set of dysfunctional behaviors (poor participation, inattention, prevalent behaviors of refusal and disturbance, bad relationship with peers, but also absolute lack of critical 6 Month Short Courses Online spirit), which do not allow the subject to adequately live the activities of class and to learn successfully, using the maximum of their cognitive, emotional and relational abilities ”as Mancini and Gabrielli affirm. Further, psychological distress, as highlighted by research in this sector, causes stress (in these days, sometimes, more determined), which can be linked to school performance, conduct of suffering and uncertainty, communication questions, signs of tension and recruitment of psychoactive substances. And what is happening right now? It seems that, as if by magic, many young people have rediscovered the pleasure of emotional communication. The pleasure of feeling useful to oneself and to others; to overcome anxieties and fears with an ever greater versatility of colors. 6 Month Short Courses Online

🔥  Hands to paint positive 6 Month Short Courses Online 🤑


Although around the streets of the city the shouting of the people has stopped (and who would have believed it), the uncontrollable agitation of the city has stopped, and life has stopped, the hands begin to move again on the white sheet and the lines begin to chase each other and fill up, waiting for the color to become a dream and re-establish the interrupted connection with this present, silent and too heavy to accept.

That of young people, of the many Giorgio Carioti (in the photo) does not want to be anything other than an invitation to positivity and hope, because, effectively, every family should be able to draw a rainbow, not only in their hearts, in the pages of their life, but also, visually, on a billboard or on a sheet.

With the words ‘everything will be fine’ the wave of positivity starts and does not stop in Italy, region by region.

A wave that inviting children to paint, with their hands still dirty with watercolors or tempera, urges everyone to do the same.

✨ The joy that infects 6 Month Short Courses Online 💥

The joy of children and the very young is, in fact, contagious “, and has the advantage of keeping them usefully busy until the health emergency is finally over.

Giorgio, cute, 10 years old, a pupil of the Renato Guttuso Institute, one of the millions of boys and girls, very young and very young Italians, with naturalness and determination, courage and firmness, opens the drawers, rummages in the wardrobes, puts together a small arsenal of colors and challenges the Coronavirus, the drama of the moment.

The drawing takes shape. After a few hours, the living room looks like a battlefield and the billboard is created, in all its positive action, and is placed on 6 Month Short Courses Online.

🥇  6 Month Short Courses Online 8 free online digital marketing courses to learn how to sell online 🙂

6 Month Short Courses Online : Notes on the author Matteo Moroni Matteo Moroni is content manager for Shopify in Italian. Copywriter and translator, if he doesn’t write he probably disturbs the neighborhood by playing his drums. 6 Month Short Courses Online

✅  Free online courses, 6 Month Short Courses Online 🤓

Do you want to start selling online and open your own ecommerce store but don’t know where to start? You are in the right place. 6 Month Short Courses Online

At Shopify, we’re always on the side of entrepreneurs or would-be entrepreneurs, and we know that starting a business requires commitment and dedication. To put you on the right path to success, we have created 8 free online courses to learn how to sell online. 6 Month Short Courses Online

These on-demand webinars, available entirely in Italian, will help you deepen the fundamental principles for running an online business and expanding your digital marketing knowledge. 6 Month Short Courses Online  All courses are free: to access, click on the “Access the course” link found at the end of each paragraph and register on the course page to start the webinar. Let’s start!

Free online email marketing course

Free online SEO course

Free online course in storytelling

Free Online Conversational Commerce Course

Free online course in web design for ecommerce

Free online conversion optimization course

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Free Online Email Marketing Course 📧

Whether it’s a newsletter to announce a new product or an email to thank the customer after a purchase, email marketing is the best marketing investment for increasing your online store sales. In this free course, you will learn strategies for building an effective mailing list and leveraging the email marketing funnel for good results.

➡️ Log in to the course 6 Month Short Courses Online 🤑

A solid SEO strategy can put your business on the right path to long-term success. With a minimal expense, you can be found by new customers every day. In this free course, you will learn what Google rates in search results, how to search for and select the most relevant keywords for your business, and how to develop an on-site and off-site SEO strategy tailored to your business.

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Free online course in storytelling ✍️. 6 Month Short Courses Online

From creating your brand’s unique value proposition to writing winning product descriptions, storytelling is an art and doing it successfully will help you increase sales and build customer loyalty. In this workshop, you will learn how to differentiate your brand and communicate to customers why they should buy from your company by increasing conversions via the About page and Product pages using storytelling. 6 Month Short Courses Online

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Free Online Conversational Commerce Course 💬

As an entrepreneur, you have a hundred things to do every day to manage and grow your business. But the most important thing you can do, the one that will give you the best results, is talk to your customers. If you make it easy for your customers to contact you via chat and get the information they seek from you, your business will benefit enormously in terms of growth. In this free online course, you’ll learn how ecommerce conversation tools can build trust, increase sales, and help build customer loyalty over the long term. 6 Month Short Courses Online

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Open your business in Shopify. Start your 14-day free trial today! 6 Month Short Courses Online

Free online course in web design for ecommerce 📐

In this free online course, you will learn the basic concepts of how to design an eye-catching online store for your customers, without any programming experience. You will learn ecommerce web design principles to empower your store and methods for developing a brand identity with Shopify’s free tools. We’ll wrap up with step-by-step strategies for building a site that converts, including the homepage, product pages, and checkout.

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Free Online Conversion Optimization Course 📈

This free online course will allow you to learn about the marketing funnel and focus on key sections of your store to drive sales, and includes a number of strategies to implement. Once we’ve gone through the marketing funnel, we’ll explore the two most important sections of your store for increasing conversion rate: product pages and the checkout process. Finally, we will conclude with specific marketing tactics that you can apply on your ecommerce to make sure you don’t miss any sales. 6 Month Short Courses Online

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Free online photography course for ecommerce 📸

This online course.