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🙂 Free Online Courses A fully funded scholarship to study Arabic from the Qalam Walouh Center in Morocco 🥇

Free Online Courses

Free Online Courses : The Arab Linguistic Center “Qalam Walouh” in Rabat, Free Online Courses the capital of Morocco, announced the opening of applications for Ibn Battuta scholarships to study the Arabic language. The program aims to encourage students to study Arabic as a foreign language and reward those who excel in it. Free Online Courses

🤓 Free Online Courses  Scholarship Worth: ✅

Free Online Courses  Full scholarship: It covers all study and housing costs for the duration of the program, with an approximate value of $ 420,000 for semester programs and $ 120,000 for winter and summer courses.

Partial scholarship: It covers tuition costs only for the duration of the program, with the approximate value being $ 2,450 for semester programs and $ 700 for winter and summer courses.

🔥  Free Online Courses Criteria for applying for the scholarship: 🤑

Writing an essay ranging from 600 to 1000 words in which you answer the following  Free Online Courses question: “What do you aspire to achieve from studying the Arabic language?” Free Online Courses

The applicant must complete at least four university semesters in Modern Standard Arabic Free Online Courses or the equivalent of at least 240 hours certified by a private institution.

Submitting three letters of recommendation, provided that at least one is from an Arabic language teacher. These letters are addressed to the “Qalam Walouh” award committee, and documents documenting the previous study of the Arabic language must also be attached. Free Online Courses

✨  Free Online Courses Required Documents: 💥

Application form

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A copy of the passport

Recommendation letters


Arabic language study documentation documents

About pen and tablet:

A leading educational institution with a high reputation in the center of Rabat, Morocco, hosts students interested in learning Arabic from all over the world, where Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) is taught in addition to Colloquial Arabic (bike). Courses are held throughout the year according to flexible times, in addition to linguistic and cultural activities that provide students with the opportunity to practice the language inside and outside the classroom.

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The world today is witnessing a changing era in all sectors including the work sector. As the achievements made in the field of technology such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, and 3D printing will radically transform the labor market, according to what was published by, it is expected that by 2020 approximately 5 million jobs will disappear, to be replaced by other jobs . The demand for a number of existing jobs will also increase.

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Not only that, in the future, some of the jobs that we know today will require skills that were not previously needed, in the sales sectors, for example, we find that e-commerce has begun to overwhelm regular trade, and in the manufacturing sector many aspects of this field have been computerized and the use of machines and robots to shorten the effort and time. . With all these revolutionary developments the need for technological expertise will become greater as the Internet of Things has begun to conquer the world! Here, the pressing question arises:

Lectura de Interés:   🙂 Free Online Courses A fully funded scholarship to study Arabic from the Qalam Walouh Center in Morocco 🥇

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There are many factors that affect making such a decision, the first of which is desire and passion, then the current labor market need, and the country in which you reside, while the demand for mechanical engineering majors has become great in developed countries, we find that there is a surplus of these disciplines. In the Arab region, for example.