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🥇 In this experiment I used the word Keywords Research Fully funded online courses 🙂

Fully funded online courses

Fully funded online courses : Fully funded online courses and searched for it in Google.

On the right of the screen you will see the most relevant results Fully funded online courses and what people are searching for.

This plugin works better for the English language. Fully funded online courses

Even if you type an Arabic keyword, you will see results in English.

Keywords Everywhere addition for keywords

Tool SEMrush

If you are ready to spend a little bit of money then I highly recommend SEMrush !

🤓  Fully funded online courses How not? It is one of the best keyword research sites and more information ✅

shows you the most important words that lead your competitors!

If you want to compete for the first results of search engine pages, Fully funded online courses all you have to do is use SEMrush

SEMrush for keyword extraction

Mangools tool

Is a tool KWfinder known Mangools company

of the most important tools used to search for keywords in the world.

This tool tells you about the ranking of your competitors

and what are the keywords that you can use to rank on them easily

A picture taken from the KWFinder Keyword Searching website

KWFinder Keyword Search Tool

Longtailpro tool

Long Tail Pro helps you easily find less competitive keywords

that can save you loads of free online traffic.

Is a tool dedicated to find keywords long and less competitive

these words are also called words with a long tail .

If you are looking for export search results pages SERP with ease

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all you have to do is to use a tool detect these keywords

A picture of the long-tail or long-tail search words search tool

Longtailpro keyword search tool

Tool Keywords Explorer Ahref

Most people Ahrefs is a tool to build back links or help.

But not many people know that Ahrefs also has a keyword checking tool and it’s really good.

🔥 What’s nice about Ahrefs Keyword Explorer Fully funded online courses  🤑

Fully funded online courses Fully funded online courses is that you get loads of useful data for every keyword.

Tool Keywords Tool Fully funded online courses

This tool is considered one of the best tools for extracting Arabic keywords for free,

but if you want to take advantage of all the features, I advise you to subscribe

Image of the most popular Arabic keyword tool

keyword tool is a keyword tool

Keyword analysis

Having a lot of keyword ideas is a very good and very good thing.

But how do you know which of these words is the best?

The solution is simple: Use SEO Metrics and Data

Let’s explore the most important keyword metrics you can use to do this:

First: the volume of the search

The Search Volume and Arabic Search Volume

tells you the average number of times searched for a keyword per month.

If your site is new, I advise you to start with words of low search volume

, because there is less competition for such words.

The image also shows the search volume

Image from Google, keywords, and show the monthly search volume on the word social media marketing

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Search volume for a keyword Fully funded online courses

Second: clicks

⭐ The click metric tells you the average number of clicks per month on search results for a specific keyword. Fully funded online courses 💥

This is important because not all searches lead to clicks.

With Google’s PPC ads , it is most likely that the first three centers are reserved for advertisers,

especially for the most popular keywords.