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🙂 What is a podcast? What are the Accredited short courses online benefits and features of a podcast? 🥇

Accredited short courses online

Accredited short courses online : What is a podcast? The features of a podcast Accredited short courses online.

How do I start a podcast series .

The first series of its kind to explain how to make podcasts in an interactive way, this series will be parallel to the process of creating a real podcast channel for a fetus . Together, we and I will learn how to start a podcast from scratch, that’s not all!

On this trip, we (you and I) will monitor and analyze the podcast project of Majnah, with a lot of research and experiences during this trip!

You can also help and participate in the success of this project by providing suggestions and advice, and submitting to volunteer work in a podcast magazine , you can use the hashtag ( hashtag ) # Podcast_Majna, in addition to sharing your thoughts with us via free accounts on the following social media platforms

🤓  Let’s relive this experience together Accredited short courses online!  ✅


The beginning, part one

Podcast Definition and Benefits

I remember well that day, on December 26, 2019, sitting in the house of my close friend – Montaser Abu al-Khairan – (my partner and colleague in many projects, nicknamed Monty).

On that day we were cooking together an idea of a crazy blog with a few spices, dreams and ambition!

During my blogging of the goals and method of work for the blog Majna, if Monty says:

“After a few months, you should open a podcast!”

The idea flashed in my imagination with several interrogative questions! He muttered: Hmmm? What is a podcast? Meaning of a podcast? How do I create a podcast?

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This moment was the starting point for ” Janna Podcast “

At the same moment, I ran around, of course, to search through search engines, especially Uncle Google, and to look at the results of search pages, the following questions:

⭐  What is a Accredited short courses online podcast?  🤑

What is the definition of a podcast

What is a podcast service

What does podcast do

What are the benefits and features of a podcast

What is podcast technology?

Monty: Where did you go? (Where did you set your mind off?)

I looked at Monty and asked him: What is a podcast? (What is a podcast?)

Monty: Simply search on the Internet on Wikipedia “ Wikipedia Podcast ”

Meaning of podcast

A podcast according to Wikipedia is:

“A podcast, podcast, podcast, podcast, or podcast is one of the new digital media, and it is a multimedia series or audio or video episodes, which can be subscribed or followed …”

According to the dictionary of meanings, the meaning of a podcast is: “ podcast ”

🔥 After inquiring and Accredited short courses online performing many searches and inquiries, we found that the meaning of podcast is as follows:  ⌚

A podcast, or what is called a podcast, is an audio program, we can say that it is a technical development of radio programs and radio speech, it is a form of audio broadcasting on the web, where you can subscribe to it and listen to it whenever you want and anywhere, you can also download podcast files and listen To it during your waiting times or during travel and on the move using various devices.

Lectura de Interés:   🙂 Remember, indexing is an ongoing process Accredited short courses online! 🥇

After knowing what a podcast is, let’s now move on to the features of a podcast

What are the benefits and features of a podcast?

There are many features of podcasts, whether for the listener or even for business and brands, which we will show you soon.