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⭐ About Accredited short courses online 🥇

Accredited short courses online

Accredited short courses online : LinkedIn profile, The About, which is the paragraph that comes directly under the title, which is considered as an introductory overview about you, and it contains a summary of your skills, practical experience and testimonials in a simple and fast way for the reader and it is like an introductory message about you on LinkedIn where you write a general and quick description about your career

✅  Accredited short courses online About feature is not activated on LinkedIn, but you have to add it either from the application or the desktop. 🙂


 Accredited short courses online Featured

This box is an optional part so that you can activate it if you have valuable content that is distinctive about yourself that you want to highlight, whether it is certificates, research, awards, projects, or any videos of you, so that the visitor can get to know you and take a glimpse of you and your achievements in a simple and clear way.

Excellence box in LinkedIn

For fresh graduates, it is advised to put a graduation project, if any, or any project or volunteer work that you have undertaken, in addition to your CV.

🤑  Accredited short courses online Professional Experience 🤓


LinkedIn’s professional experience department

The professional experience section is considered the most important part of LinkedIn, as it contains all the professional and scientific experiences that you have with a full explanation about the companies for which you have worked or are still working for them, in addition to the time periods and the most important job duties that were assigned to you.

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* The Work Experience section is not activated on LinkedIn. You have to add it either from the application or the desktop and you will find it inside the “Background” package.

It is better to fill in all the fields and boxes in professional experience due to its importance to your page visitor, whether the recruiter, human resources, or any company that wants to contact you, it is considered the golden part of your page on LinkedIn.

When you click on the phrase Work Experience, a new window will appear for you to add the first job you worked or are still working in, where the window contains job information such as:

Adding professional experiences on LinkedIn


Type of Contract

The Company’s name

Geographical work location

The time period of the job

Your page title

Description. Description


In the explanation box, you explain the tasks assigned to you and that you perform in your work with that company, preferably in the form of points each point in a line, and between 3-7 main tasks about your work.

As for the Media field, which enables you to attach documents, photos, or files to projects, awards, or achievements that you have obtained.

💥 ⌚ Accredited short courses online The educational section 🔥


It is the place that you fill out with your educational achievement and places of university or school study.

* The Education feature is not activated on LinkedIn, but you have to add it either from the application or the desktop and you will find it inside the Background package .

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And the same advice here you have to do in the education box by filling in all the fields:

Linkedin education section

University Name


Level of study

Year of commencement and graduation

Your college GPA

Activities field

Description field

Media option

Through the activities section, you can explain about your volunteer work at the university or the projects and events that you have undertaken or participated in at the university.

As for the Media field, you can use this space and upload documents, photos, or files for your diploma, awards, or any activities that you have undertaken.

 Accredited short courses online Certificates and Licenses Section

This is where you fill in information about your licensed and accredited certificates, which appears directly under the education field.